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HOVER SkateBOARD?! Unboxing + Test [Deutsch / English Subtitles / FullHD] 2016 / 2017 Hover Wheel

HOVER SkateBOARD?! Unboxing + Test [Deutsch / English Subtitles / FullHD] 2016 / 2017 Hover Wheel

So this is a real “Hover Wheel”. Please throw me a cutter … thank you! Let’s open the box
And check what’s inside A trick how to intelligently open boxes:
just turn it upside down So back in the light, and now we’ll see
which great things are inside Here we have a charger, so …
and a power cable – and that is even a European version, super! And here we have a guide
Where we can see how to use it Of course we’ll not read it, but try
it out Here’s is even a German version of this guide Attention, important! Nice, now we unpacked all the stuff And here we have the good piece
Looks definitely pretty cool Okay, it also has a handle – nice And here’s a cog on it, okay
“Risk of injury” So as we see here, we have two wheels
That are also somehow connected Okay, and … Ah here we even have two speakers
Great, you can connect the Hover Wheel with your mobile phone
Somewhere it has an on button Here you can load it
With a 3-pin charger And here you can power it on “Waiting for bluetooth connection”
Super sound quality 😉 “Paired”
This thing even has a music function Let’s test it
I paired it with my iPhone And how do you rate the quality? I know, I should better choose NCS
Not to get gestriked I will now use NCS Music
No Copyright Music, you know ?! Let’s see … oh it lights up! Sound quality is actually quite okay
So as you hear the Bass is not really good But apart from that the boxes are very
okay – pretty loud Let’s see how to use this thing
So I think to try it out you absolutely need a camera in your hand, right? 😉 Okay, let’s try it
So folks, this is now my first ride on this great Skateboard.
In other words: if I come a cropper You’ll have something to laugh about 😉 Oh nice! Are the wheels spinning? Can you see it? Whoa … yes nice! But … woaah ….


Heyyy Freunde, endlich mal wieder ein Video von mir. Wenn ich euren Kommentar im nächsten Video erwähnen soll, schreibt #OviZeigMeinenKommentar unter dieses Video 😜 – falls es zu viele werden, suche ich mir ein paar heraus. Ihr könnt natürlich trotzdem gern Kritik üben und Verbesserungsvorschläge schreiben. Wenn ihr haten wollt seid kreativ, auch das finde ich cool 😎

Ein längerer Test vom HoverSkateBoard kommt später 🔜

Wo hast du das gekauft also auf welcher Website ? Kannst du mir den Link schicken ?! Wäre super <3 und deine Videos sind echt super <3

"Das lesen wir nat. nich" AHAHAHA 😂

Zum 'Bremsen':
Wie genau machst du das ?

Ich hab bisher immer langsam den Speed reduziert und bin abgestiegen…
Wenn man draufbleibt, haut einem das gute Teil in die andere Richtung ab.

Schade leider das dies Board in DE generell nicht genutzt werden kann… "Nicht verkehrstauglich/zugelassen" 🙁

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