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Hoverboard 10″ – WHAT INSIDE ? smart scooter mini segway balance scooter

Hoverboard 10″ – WHAT INSIDE ? smart scooter mini segway balance scooter

This is our hoverboard, and what we see inside? I want to show the quality of this product. Here we see the battery. in this place, is the motherboard at each of the wheels is a controller (gyro) As you can see, this motherboard and all electronics, is made very carefully and accurately I’m trying to find signs of sloppy at the production, but I did not find motherboard and… gyroscope from the right wheel, and left wheel Ok the last screw… Now I open the wheel cover This is the cover of wheel with the bearing and what we see inside of wheel ? this wheel is a brushless motor the so-called outrunner in this place they are mounted on the stator, coils whereas the the wheel rim is the rotor and as we see here we are installed neodymium magnets so that, inside the wheel has no gear, and components that can be damaged the driveshaft, two bearings, coils, and a wheel, which is the stator so, brushless motor if the magnets, will be strongly glued and the coils does not will be burn this drive should be trouble-free it is all, in terms of the construction of the device I recommend this device because it surprised me, very positively I am really surprised at the high quality of this product

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