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Hoverboard Beginners Guide: Unboxing, Setup & First Ride

Hoverboard Beginners Guide: Unboxing, Setup & First Ride

first thing to do is find a clear workspace place the Box on the floor and open the tabs please note your box should contain the power cord one of our business cards our own custom came an information sheet and product warnings as well as links to youtube videos for how to’s the owner’s manual and the power brick take out the Styrofoam top packing insert and set aside be careful while removing the scooter from the packaging lift gently by the center of the board to avoid damaging any plastics to remove from the bag stand carefully upright on a soft surface such as a carpeted floor standing on a hard floor such as concrete tile or wood may scratch the plastics and or damage them once again lift by the center of the board please note the power button and the charge port when plugging it please note the holes on both the plug and the receptacle pins on the board be sure to line them up properly do not force the plug into the board or you may cause damage line up the slight match with the pin sticking out on the board now you can plug in your scooter a full charge will take approximately two to three hours from completely dead please note when the red light on your charger comes on your board is charging when it is complete the light will turn green once the battery is full unplug the board and put away your charger once it is charged you press the power button to turn on the green battery light will come on signaling that the battery has a significant significant charge and is ready for use and the battery is dead the battery light will turn red your board is equipped with two headlights which also act as turn signals as you’re turning the board they are fully automatic if lifting or moving the board do not lift or move while the board is turned on turn off first to get on the board make sure your foot is completely flat as a tilted foot might activate the board and cause the wheel to turn as you see in the video for the board to be still stand perfectly upright to go forward lean forward slightly to go backwards lean backwards slightly to turn left tilt your right foot forward to turn right tilt your left foot forward to turn in place tilt one foot forward while tilting the other foot back at the same time this will allow you to turn a 360 on the spot without moving other places well practicing it is highly recommended you wear a helmet and knee pads it is quite possible that you may fall proper footwear is also recommended it is recommended that you wear shoes not sandals or flip-flops as if you do happen to fall or hit an object you could sustain injury to your feet it is much safer to protect your feet using regular shoes for general cleaning use a damp cloth and wipe down the board the board is not waterproof do not submerse in water or hose off also do not use the board during rain or in extremely wet or damp conditions also do not charge in the rain or extremely wet conditions for transport either stowed your scooter in the original shipping box this is the ideal location as it is designed to thoroughly protect your scooter from damage another alternative is the purchase of one of our custom fit carry cases available in either blue or black these cases are designed to fit your scooter snugly prevent rolling around while inside a car or other vehicle for transportation and also have a stowaway slot for your charger when repacking into the original shipping box it is recommended to place the scooter back into the protective plastic Bay this will help prevent any scratches it is also acceptable to place a light coating of automotive grade carnuba wax or synthetic wax on your board be sure not to get any wax on the foot pads as this may provide a slipping hazard place the top styrofoam back on and secure the box if your hoverboard is going to be stowed for more than two weeks it is highly recommended you drain the battery to fifty percent as this will ensure the longest shelf life of the battery and give you the longest longevity came an auto providing awesome high quality hoverboards and scooters without the insane markup you would see at a store or your local mall we go for only the koalas quality assortment of colors and of course we use only the highest quality Samsung batteries please be sure to read your informational card that we provide in your box as it has important information for the care safety of your scooter as well as links to our step-by-step how-to videos and other reviews please contact us at 41 4807 8354 or see the contact information in this video to purchase smile cheese


I’m asking for one this Christmas…. I’m not too sure i will get one. I hope sooooooo much that i do get one ;/ I’ve wanted one since the beginning of the year. ;/

anyone know how to change the voice settings on the hoverboard, its in french at the moment so looking to change it to English

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