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Hoverboard Race Down a Mountain!

Hoverboard Race Down a Mountain!

(upbeat music) – Ahhhh. How are we today? What’s going on? – We’re going down a slide. A big slide. – A big slide. Today
we’re in Park City Utah, which is not far from where we live. And they have this thing
called, The Alpine Slide. It’s this concrete slide,
that goes down the mountain, and you sit on a little cart with wheels. I haven’t done this since I
was probably 14 years old. So our kids have never done it. So we’re going to check it out. We’re getting out of the heat coming up into the mountains, and
wanted to bring you guys along to see the madness
that is this slide. Who is going to win the race
between Lincoln and Dan? Alright Lincoln, you got the tickets? – Yeah. – You ready for this? Look at all those tickets. You want to race Momma? – I want to race her. – You versus Lyndon. – We got our tickets.
It’s a 10 minute wait, and then we go up the thing,
so. What’s going on over here? Making some braids? Is it
important to have braids? Does it make you go faster on the slide? Do you remember when we did a video called 24 hours in Paris? We went there, we got a few shots of
Nike and then we left. But we stayed at our friend’s house. Well if you recognize
these girls right here, they’re our friends from Paris,
right here and right here. So they’re in town right
now, and we thought we’d take them on a crazy, U.S. adventure. So we brought them up to the Alpine slide. That’s kind of, U.S. we do crazy stuff. And then… – It’s kind of Swiss
it’s like Switzerland. – Is it kind of Swiss? Do they have these in Switzerland? – Yes, in the Alpines. Alpine. – Okay, we’re doing something European. Maybe we need to take them to like, I don’t know some burger
place or something after this. – Jimmy John’s! – Jimmy John’s, is that American? – Yeah. – Ice cream, maybe? – Nielsen’s. – In-and-Out Burger! In-and-Out Burger, that’s totally American. – Yes. (upbeat music) – The world’s slowest chairlift. (upbeat music) I think it’ll take, Mommy 15 minutes… – I’m super fast. – And it’ll take me a minute and a half. – No, it’ll take me, um,
3 and a half minutes. – Okay. – I’m going to be just as fast as Lincoln. – Okay, okay, we’ll see,
we’ll see. You guys ready? It says raise bar here. – No, not yet, not yet. – Where? – Lift it! Lift it! – Ready? Oh, oh, yeah! Ready? Go! Arghhh! – Okay, grab a sled. This
is the part where we drag our sleds all the way to the slide. This is where everybody waits. That doesn’t look very exciting to wait. Alright Lincoln, I’m going
to ride right behind you. – You can go in front of me. – What? No, no, no, no, I’m behind you. – No, you are going to be in front of me. – I’m catching up. Why? Well,
you’re going to run into me. You’re too fast. – No, you’re too fast. – Dude, so I getta go
first? How did this happen? – Alright. I’m in my little yellow cart, I haven’t done this
since I was 14 years old. Ummm, it feels pretty sketchy. Go racing down a mountain in
this, but hey, that’s fun! If I pull on it…. Lincoln!
Your cart doesn’t move! It doesn’t move Lincoln. Thanks Claire, that’s the turbo button, why was I asking Lincoln? Ohhhhh. – I guess when they opened
this, like 40 years ago, on one of those tracks, some
lady snapped her leg in half. – Awwww. That’s awesome.
That’s what we’re about to do guys, yeah, break a leg. So it’s been 40 years since
somebody’s broken a bone. We need to fix that. If you’re not first, you’re last. Lincoln? If you don’t catch up to me,
I’ll be disappointed in you. Woah! Goodbye! (techno music) Aaaahhhh! Aw, big turn, aw yeah, turning is one of of
those things that….. (techno music) Woo hoo! Aw yeah! Good job! Faster, faster, come on!
No, no, no, no….. (laughs) How was it? How was it? – I went so fast! – Awesome! You know I was going
so fast too. That was fun. – I almost like fell off at one point. – Faster! Good job, Claire! Nice! How was it? – Great! – Yeah? Whoa, yeah! Did you have fun? – Yeah! – Good! London, was
probably very hesitant. She probably went very
slow, and Leslie was probably frustrated behind
her so, we’ll see a little frustration, they’ll probably come in at the exact same time. – Do we stop? – No! All the way, to the
red, go into the red. Woo hoo! How was it? Did you go so fast Leslie? – I had to push her the entire way! (laughing) – All right, we survived
the race. I hope you enjoyed that one shot from me. It was pretty fun. It was pretty fast. It was
the danger, the feeling that you might crash at any moment, that made it kind of fun. So now, the girls want to go
on this giant trampoline thing and try to do back flips.
Lincoln are you doing it too? – Like, do I have to
do back flips on this? – Yeah, you have to if,
when you’re on this. Otherwise they won’t let you on. (upbeat music) – What should I do? – Oh, I don’t know whatever
your coolest trick is. Show me. Wow. Look at Claire, see? Claire’s
doing flips. Oh yeah! (upbeat music) – Lincoln! Lincoln, you can do it! She went…. (laughing) – Woah, yeah! You did it! Woo hoo! – London, how was it? – It was fun. – Yeah? Good job on the back flip. Yes! It’s kind of, what? – It kind of hurt. – Oh, yeah, well you did awesome on it. ♫ (One More Night by
Maroon 5, acoustic version) – Well that was fun. We are going to head and grab some lunch. This music, hope you like that. Kinda fun. ♫ (One More Night by
Maroon 5, acoustic version) – She went….


I’ve gone down that before and I saw a fox on the side and I was paying attention to the Fox and I wanna turn my didn’t lean and I did a flip and it hurt a lot

Big Bear ca,had an alpine slide in the 70s was really cool no longer there ,was dangerouse saw a dude eat it off a corner ,only breaks were a stick in the middle that scraped the cement lol

We used to have this in Ontario, Canada but they were super dangerous and sometimes people would fall off if they went to fast. The one at Blue Mountain was ripped out and replaced with this newer version which while still lots of fun is safe.

The Breckenridge Fun Park has the exact same alpine slide lifts and park you should go there and subscribe to my YouTube channel!

I did something like this in Calgary, AB (that's a city in Canada) and it was so great. The main difference was the majority of the distance was not separate tracks… So my dad and I were swerving through the "traffic" at ridiculously high speeds and somehow never hit anybody.

I have went on those trampolines before many times. but one time the guy who was working it kept grabbing my leg and pulling me so I was going super high and I am afraid of heights and it was so scary!!! He just kept laughing to and when I got off I told my mom and dad (they was watching me the whole time) and they was mad. But I’m to big to go on them now, well I think I am idk but that was scary. I’m a chicken. But I was littler at the time

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