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Hoverboard Red Light-How To Calibrate your Hoverboard

Hoverboard Red Light-How To Calibrate your Hoverboard

so you’ve been writing your two-wheeled
self balancing scooter having a blast and all the sudden it throws you flat on
your face or you go to turn it on and well nothing really happens except a
bunch of blinky liver and lights flashing motor cop most commonly that is
because it needs to be recalibrated less commonly it means there’s a problem with
your gyroscope main board or one of the motors i will show you how to recalibrate most
hover boards or to wield self-financing scooters first make sure both wheels are both
footpads are as level as possible if you want you can use a good app on
your smartphone it was generally have a good levels
built in or just try and get as flat as possible because when you recalibrate
you’re basically telling the board what flat and level is that way when you
give a row rotate or try to move by doing the lean
forward back it knows exactly how far it’s supposed
to mean before it starts moving so get that nice and even now you want
to make sure you don’t move it while three calibrating next with the
board off press and hold the power button battery light comes on first and maybe
and then red light will flash at that point release the power button it will
go through its series of resets and checks lights will flash I usually recommend leaving it for about
20 to 30 seconds during the flashing light cycle at that point recalibrations complete
turn the board off and back on you are done yeah smile cheese


My hover board while on it for some time will just randomly shut off without any notice (no indicator light or sound) will this fix my problem?

Hello I recently bought a bluetooth hoverboard and whenever I turn it on it starts making a really loud beeping sound and the lights start flashing. Do you know how to fix this?

Are you kidding me i just took out my hoverboard battery and i told my oarents thatts the way but my nana yells at me because she knows shes wrong and she says,"how do you get such good grades at school but your stupid at home." and it hurts me feelings

MY GOD! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH! I WAS LITERALLY CRYING FOR 30 MINUTES BECAUSE MY HOVER BOARD WOULDNT WORK! So then I was like, oh well I guess I'll check YouTube to see if it can help me. I went through 4 videos before yours and they all didn't work. But when I tried yours IT WORKED

Hoover Board will not charge the yellow light stays on and it beeps very fast for a few minutes then stops beeping but the yellow light continues to flash.  Then if I unplug it with the yellow light flashing it starts to beep.  I have tried leaving it plugged it for about 60 minutes but it never gets a green fully charged light.  I cannot find the manual I purchased it in May 2017 is the warranty still good?  Its a HAI 6.5" Hoverboard Top LED Self Balancing Scooter With Bluetooth.

i just got mine its a UL2272 6.6' & i first charged it after unboxing it & when i turn it on that annoying lady says waiting for bluetooth connecting, and i tried riding it without fallin off so ig i hadn't calibrated it that what it means? Like when i tried riding it one step then the other foot on, it uncalibrated like one side would go the other side would stay while the other moved fast..

Thank you it is work❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

i tried it but first i had red light and now i dont and when i do that it beeps but red light doesnt (sorry for bad english)

I have a question,my hover 1 freedom as soon as I turn it on I go to get on it and it only goes backwards so when I just put it all the way backwards the red Warning light pops on and it won’t go,what should I do

I subscribed now I’m going home and doing it plz god make it work 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

My hoverboard after 1st time charge.. when i wanna used i step on my 1st step another side started flash red light with peep sounds on it but sometimes i start from side without any indicate light on only step front gear it's work and also vibrant other than that no used i recharge again still same and after 1st charge i used back standing on top isn't moving anymore what should i do as i just brought about 1week cost about 200+

omg thank you so much❤️ I was so upset because I thought it would never work again and you help me😭 Thank you so much, god bless you!

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