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Hoverboard Safety

Hoverboard Safety

With any kind of new device, any new toy,
or something that’s trending, we always like to keep in mind the safety aspects
of it. So the same principles of safety apply with the hover boards as they do anytime we have wheels underneath our heads. We encourage the
use of helmets, the reason is obviously because our heads include the most
important organ in our body which is our brain and the head injury or the
brain injury is the single most factor that can really cause very severe injury
with our kids. There are several things that we have to remember with regards to helmet use and fitting it correctly is probably one of the most important. So
remember that the the helmet itself should be to finger breadths above our
eyebrows and where the V strap comes alongside the ears it needs to make a V
underneath the ears and then to always use the chin straps. We know that a lot
of kids like to ride their scooters and skates and bikes without the chin strap and just let them down because it kind of
looks cool but having the chin strap as it is really, really important because
obviously the helmet doesn’t do any good when it flies off the head. So when we put
this chin strap on, remember to have the kids open their mouth as wide as
they can and they should feel that tugging on the top of their head from
the helmet. What we are looking at here is one of the types of injuries that can happen in a child that does not wear a helmet and this happens
from hitting the head on the side. This is what we refer to as epidural
hematoma, meaning that it’s a blood clot that develops on top of the brain
between the brain and the skull. As you see here, this white area. This is a collection of blood that is pushing onto this
person’s brain. This is can be a fatal injury and in fact with this particular
patient we had to do some life-saving resuscitation with him. With regard to
the hover boards, we do know that especially with the less expensive
models that the lithium ion battery has a tendency to catch on fire and we know that there’s a lot of circumstances where that has actually happened. Other things
to consider, specifically with regards to hover boards is that the hover boards, from what we’re seeing, is that there is a certain type of positioning of the body and we would anticipate there’s a different kind of
injury pattern.

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