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Hoverboard Unboxing and Full Review! with tips and tricks

Hoverboard Unboxing and Full Review! with tips and tricks

What is up guys? Welcome to another video
over here I got a brand new hoverboard with me. We’ll do a quick unboxing and a full
review of the product. There is no official name for this its knows
as few different names Self Balancing scooter, 2-Wheel scooter, Smart Electric Scooter Hoverboard
different name for the same Chinese product. Inside the box well find a user manual, power
brick and the hoverboard itself. These thing are pretty heavy and have a solid build weights
about 25 pounds but we all know the outer plastic shell is not the best its very easily
stretchable. And if you’re just learning to ride it don’t expect the board to stay
in this new condition. So to avoid that ill be using this silicon cover. It a great way
to protect the board and very easy to install! And gives my dull black hoverboard a bring
green color and ounces it installed it almost impossible to tell this is not the actual
color! Its also a great way to change the color of the board! Learning to ride the hoverboard might seem
a bit of a challenge but after spending a good 5-10 minutes on the board you’ll be
pretty comfortable on it. Honestly the hardest part I found was getting on the board. Its
very responsive and once you step on either sides it starts rolling real quick. but starting
slow and easy helps! Try getting on the board near a wall or something you can hold onto.
In 5-10 minutes your brain will start trusting the technology and you will be able balance
and control it fairly easy and surprisingly its very good with understanding your responses
and react fairly well and quick, turning and braking all work very well and gives the user
a lot of control. Once you learn how to ride it’s a lot of fun! and it goes pretty fast
but faster you go the less control you will have and higher the change of falling a small
bump seems much bigger when your too fast. But other then that it’s a lot of fun! It
does fairly well on up hills and down hills and can take some small bumps but not to big
ones. The battery is very impressive it lasted me a complete day and only took about an hour
to charge. It also gives you low battery indicator by blinking the battery light when its close
to be running out and a red battery light and beeping when it almost dead! But still
I figured out I was able to turn it off and turn it back on and be able to use it for
another 20-30 minutes So battery wise I was impressed! And just the overall experience
is very fun! If you like the video, please give it a big
thumb up! Share it with your friends if possible, Subscribe for more videos and Thanks for watching!

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