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Hey guys guess what just came in the
mail today – Deez nutzzzz [knocking at door] [straining] Ohhhh [Door close] Alright guys so today, I came home and
just found this sitting outside the front door This nice big package we got here it is super heavy if you don’t know what this is it’s
really popular online right now it’s going by a ton of different names the mini segway monorover, io hawk, phunkee duck just name a
few but if you’re watching this video we’ve
probably seen this before on the internet with all the celebrities
watching… or celebrities riding this a super cool new transportation device i
guess that’s what people are calling it so how I really was inspired to get this
was first from the channel bf vs gf Jesse I saw him riding it that
was actually like three months ago there were just some people trying it out so I
saw him riding it there i was like oh it’s that and it was kind of interesting
and then what really led me to buy it was Casey Neistat bought one of these
and did a whole review on what he thinks of them and where you can buy them so I’m just going to be opening mind
today that I got here I did order this while I wanted it like a month ago but
then it took a long time until i actually ordered it because I want to
make sure that i was getting the best price about this off of amazon the final
price that I paid with this for this was three hundred and sixty dollars and it
came in like three weeks which i thought would come faster because i paid a
little bit more you can find them for like two hundred dollars but let’s stop
chatting we can talk about all the money later let’s open this awesome box. it has some chinese on the side so
it did come all the way from China sadly the people who sent me this on
amazon did not include the shipping number so I was not able to tell where
it was at really exciting… should I just bust it open well I can already see it… so excited hopefully I won’t die time I ride it because
that’s kind of what what most people do is absolutely gorgeous let’s get it out of the box is going to
struggle oh my goodness seriously where that
people put in here another person that is really heavy good enough ok I’m going to get worked out just from this so
it looks so far like there’s a couple corners that are dented… came from China…
cut them some slack it’s the exact kind of one that
everybody’s got is the generic one it’s not the io hawk it’s not phunkee duck
funky whatever model rover it’s just your cheap Chinese one and i’m
actually surprised if you look closely here this photo is super pixelated which
shows you the true generic kind but it’s red out here I
ordered the blue one I think they’re all the same price see if you can see this here… colour… spelled with a “u” very European… oh it gives you right
here weight 12 kg don’t know this is all
European isn’t it voltages 36 volts max speed 12 km/h how
does that help me 12 km/h how does that help me and then it gives you the model is
smart and specifications you can read that if you want there’s some other boring stuff looks against ce and fcc certified
and whatever else that is there’s nothing on the bottom same thing on this side so let’s open it
up so i did in fact order to the blue one I’m hoping they got it right this thing is seriously so heavy like
you don’t even understand so excited can’t hide it alright so I’ve seen this before it’s
the smart drifting scooter users manual spelled use’s… manual we don’t care about this charger check no clue what that connection is it
smells like that new toys smell I guess is it’s a toy would you call this a toy
it’s a it’s a personal mobility thing and you have the adapter right here all right now let’s get into the actual
unboxing and see what this thing we’re gonna put the knife away from now it
doesn’t seem like a terribly great idea to keep it out there now the big unveiling oh my goodness this is absolutely
beautiful I’m serious I’m sorry I just knocked the
microphone I’m sorry for that chaotic moment right
there did not mean to do that back to the glorious beauty now let’s see how heavy this is because
everybody seems to struggle to get out yeah that’s good 30 year maybe 140 pounds feel solid oh baby… oh baby this thing is actually a lot larger than
I thought it was going to be it is absolutely gorgeous Wow very well built look super rugged look at that so i
think i am going to end up all this feels so good yeah LOL i feel like i’m gonna
eventually put some sort of tape right here because when it rolls when you jump
off this gets pretty scratched up i think it looks like right here you’ve
got the power button and the spot for the charger cable right here you plug
this cable in there and charges to return on right now I’m gonna know we’re
going to do that first test with me writing this and then so I think I did it press the button I want to read the manual so cool we got the battery right light right
here and then some sort of emergency sort of light there tell you having some
problems and then I’m there we don’t turn it off one thing I want to be sure to do this
is for everybody you never want to step right here
because on these cheap balance wheel chinese fake ones not fake generic ones this axle is super weak so even if you
put a little pressure right here when you fall right there it’s going to snap
in half and I’ve seen way too many of those happen for me to want to test it
out but we go upstairs and try this little nervous I don’t know what it’s going to do but
without charging at first let’s just go upstairs and try it out and then if that
works well they will go outside to do it so let’s go pause all right so this is
my first try at the hoverboard minutes anyway sort of saying off-brand Chinese
thing so hopefully I don’t die because well if
I do die that would be really funny and probably get interviews but if I die I
won’t be able to make any more videos so i don’t think i’m going to be able to
film walmart so i’m going to set this camera down right over here hopefully you can see me and I have a
couple other videos are cameras not videos going to someone so if i crash that is
we can give it a bunch of different viewing angles and grab onto this
hopefully so one for the time of Jesus that’s really fast yeah don’t crap let’s see news & feeling all of you i think at home should at least try so I got this the field of house works it was like you
doing in a crash like catches you essentially think about where you can
count geez I’m definitely a crash like this go the leds are so bright yeah about to get really good that’s missing
you put soon down hello so most people say it takes just about
five or ten minutes get the hang of it actually and then
like maybe 20 minutes to fully understand powerful and works I can say it’s been about two minutes an
hour to feel much more confident than jet he’s hurting so I just think about where you going – I’m
going forward it beats or tilt forward your body
weight Wings forward you’re after just think about going
backwards . easily crash going too fast hello and goodbye I’m going to actually take this outside
take this down dr water into the street and go test this out beautiful this is so cool so much fun we have to go outside and we not
actually go through all the full review sort of what I think about it is really
safe or not because this does not seem that safe but actually I kept her that’s after five minutes you could
probably do it somewhat a master reach level right now I just feel like nothing yeah is just have to get used to it I can do
it all the time like at the beginning I was just like why like that now no wobbling you can see the progression
of the wash a couple of these review videos before I want to know what I’m
going into it you can see how much better people get after the events that began
like is not stable at all I not been able to do anything now i feel like i could
marathon side yeah for the best all right let’s take this outside green
lights blinking from charter so it started and outside going to get off
successful dismount let’s go outside alright so now we’re going to try this
and he stuck with me outside we have nice open space to go anywhere
we want that crash of the plane crash like death I probably be wearing a helmet who cares wearing shoes that’s a great idea starting hear me oh my god it’s not quite as smooth as inside you’re actually the first time i saw
this in real in real life because i’ve only seen them
on the internet is that was in virginia right on Virginia beasts beach I saw somebody with a gold one of these
they were just like cruising along right into the beach
so I thought that was like super cool I have like super fun we going to go too fast yeah this turns really nicely actually just like the zero turn mower
that I have you just turn one wheel and like that so it’s really young really
just figure it out you just in one way in either way it’s very intuitive Michael said a little shaky I don’t go
around for a few more minutes and then go back inside getting a little dark out here ok alright so that’s the first time you got
to see me write this so i’m probably going to do more of a complete in-depth
review after a pad for like a week or so this is just the first night it came as
a little bit charged i only got to write for about 15 minutes until it starts
beeping at me and flashing like a yellow light and telling me to get off because
the battery is dead so right out of the box like the first night or day or
whenever you get this morning I don’t know you get this you probably
got about 15 minutes of actual writing time so you get the feel of it and
everything and you let it charge probably overnight and then we’ll see
tomorrow if we have the same success so I’m going to put the link down below
to the cheapest place i can find this on amazon the one thing I was kind of disappointed
about these companies is they kept changing the price like those a week
after I ordered mine the price dropped like twenty dollars
but now it’s like higher than I paid for when I originally bought it so it makes
no sense if you’re listening out there companies just I wouldn’t i wouldn’t
even mind if you charged a little bit more than like the lowest place price
possible but if you just kept consistent price I feel like I would be more comfortable
knowing that I got a right deal I don’t feel like I got cheated out . dollars
and I feel like it just is a better business and just keep one price instead
of lowering it like every day like a week I would refresh the page like every two
or three hours and it would change my like five dollars and I’m like why it
just made no sense so if you are looking into this i would spend like a week or
so actually looking at different ones and
seeing how the price changes because there’s a lot of variation so i would
suggest amazon that’s where i got mine i did pay a little bit more than like
the cheapest one so I thought it would come faster but
still talk about three weeks but it did come earlier than the suggested time of delivery so it got
here a little early just in time for me to this review on Friday night that is so actually that’s about all i
have to say thank you for subscribing to stay tuned for that new review or the
next review of this and give it a like you like this over board me segue still no i’m going to call it I like
many circles because it isn’t a Segway alright so that’s pretty much wrapping
it up and I think the new what i should say after every like review such video i
use with this mini segue i should add something that’s like make
sure you don’t run over you saying bolt with your segway sure all right make sure you don’t want / you
saying bolt with your mini segue make sure you don’t want / usain bolt
with your mini segue all you people out there if you have one make sure you
don’t run over usain bolt with your may segue because
it would be bad so thank you for watching and as always don’t let over Usain Bolt you mean yeah yeah yeah


Сюжет с Хусейном понравился )) Подсуропили ему ))

Wow I can't believe that you were actually excited about getting a generic brand hoverboard. Especially considering those are the Ines that explode

I don't get how it's hard to ride my first time riding one it was my friends. I didn't fall I didn't need help getting on i wasn't like jerking on it just like normal.. hmm. I'm getting on for Christmas. Sooooo yaaaa

Jesus all these autistic kids in the comments of this video is full of insults of how he just commonly wiped his nose. Grow the fuck up im 13 and im more mature than that.

And here we are in 2018, with 6.5" around $119 and 10" inflatable for $189., safer battery's, and neat addons like a cart, seat, bike frame and wheelchair bracket. Even with my 78th Xmas in sight, as boys we love our toys, all of them.

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