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look at her she’s putting her head oh hell he did that bidding school mommy oh pixee gave one pineapple are you making a video what’s your name Anita I’m very sorry nice to meet you your name Evelyn nice to meet you what’s your name buddy I’m mark mark hey there what’s your name Amelia are you in class with Seth yeah she says yes baby yeah what’s your name my videos where did you saw the videos yeah how is it to be the oldest on the 5 kids great great Billy oh cool yeah they cool Michael bread and cheese he’s on that race card hey Annie said do you like it let’s try it no I know it’s right what no get my courage what are you doing get your feet off you know what I’m gonna do now don’t do that we’ve come to Ikea play with the kids here they love it ring probably very crowded all of it at the same time oh my god Rebecca its wine all over the place no daddy needs to go he just showed you apparently I left my keys and my wallet in the car and of course I didn’t lock the car and curious if both the wallet with the keys and the car are still there the car is still here okay my smile you know what I try to see we’re all taking stuff to school this morning because it’s just such a nice day no rain looks sunny over there yeah isn’t it beautiful go baby crawl yeah that’s yeah a big new milestone for Oh dad she’s crawling yay girl it’s just the two of us tonight we drop the kids to some friends spending some time out Old Orchard Park where I usually run when I used to run you know it’s funny that sometimes when you go through a problem or we have you know a difficult situation like even a disabled kid it’s very easy for people to feel sorry for you and it feels good in a way when people feel sorry because you know I feel like they care don’t let anything any compassion from other people or the fact that other people feel sorry for you they understand your they who don’t let that be enough get stronger get better set goals achieve those goals even with all the problems that you have the reason for which we did share a lot of the things that we’ve been through with our death on social media in the vlog maybe some of you is gonna be helped because we do it more awareness maybe is not to have people pity us which is something that we’ve talked about we hate that people pity us the elections did go where she not like we conducted but we had a good time my friends

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