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(upbeat music) – Yo, yo, yo, what’s up guys? Welcome to today’s vlog. Going out and
about for a little walk before the kids
get home from school. Did you guys see today’s videos? Two videos dropped today,
both of them had pranks. We pranked the kids with
GoGurtPrankWars. That was a standalone video where we pranked
the kids at snack time. We did four
different food pranks. And then, today’s
vlog was Taco Tuesday, where Tiffany came up with
a little prank for tacos. And that was totally unrelated. We didn’t know when the
GoGurt video was gonna go out. We obviously shot
it a while back, but it has to get approval
and everything like that from the brand to make
sure that it’s good to go. And they let us know what
day they want it to go out, so it can tie up with,
whatever, right? It’s work, it’s work
stuff, it’s work stuff. But anyways,
Tiffany totally had an idea to prank the kids
for Taco Tuesday, and so it turned
out really good. I hope you guys enjoyed ’em,
we had a blast doing it. Tiffany’s really the prankster. She did the April Fool’s
stuff a couple years ago. She’s the prankster,
it’s not me. And like I said
in yesterday’s vlog, because I kind of drive the
vlogs, I don’t do pranks. So, I don’t think
about the pranks, I don’t plan pranks,
I don’t think about pranks. My brain just
doesn’t work that way. Tiffany does. She’s got some
more pranks up her sleeve. So, if you guys
liked today’s videos, be sure to give ’em a thumbs up. But let us know in the
comments what kinda pranks you’d like to see us
do the kids, you know? Even if it’s just
like once a week, we do one prank
in the middle of a vlog, I can see it being
an ongoing thing. And I know you guys love
it, I know you guys do, because you guys
are always telling us, “You should prank the kids,
you should prank the kids.” And I’m like, “Eh, eh,”
but Tiffany will. So, let me know. Anyways, today was pretty
awesome in the order of streams. I did some private matches
in Destiny with fans, I got to play with
a lot of you guys. Thanks for playing
with me, I love it. If you wanna play
Destiny with me, go to your PSN, do a search
for Clintus, find my profile, and join my
Playstation community. It’s called the Clintus
Clan Destiny Community. Join it. And then, when I’m streaming and I’m playing private matches, you can join and play with me. 1v1 me, bro. 1v1 me. Seriously, you guys,
I’m in this weird phase. My cowlick’s right here, you
can see my cowlick, right? This part of the hair,
it won’t do anything, even when I try to use product. And so, it just
looks like garbage. I’m ready to cut
my whole head off, but I know that it just needs
to grow a little bit longer and then it’ll
start to fold over. I don’t know, anyways,
it’s dinner time and Tiffany’s got
something new for us today. It’s looking like a
tater tot casserole. – [Tiffany] Mhmmm. – [Clintus] Smells amazing. – [Tiffany] Mhmmm. – [Clintus] We get some
vegetables in there? – [Tiffany] I added
vegetables, of course. – [Clintus] Of course
you did, of course. We love our vegetables. Mhmmm. How are you?
– Good. – [Clintus] How was school?
– Good. – [Clintus] What have
you been up to? – Shooting a video. – [Clintus] Shooting a video? For SierraCreates, ’cause you
have a YouTube channel, yay! What’s your YouTube channel? – – [Clintus] Oh, you gotta
get better at your shoutouts. When someone comes and says, “Yo, what’s your
YouTube channel?” – – Ooh! She’s a big bad
YouTuber now, guys. Big bad YouTuber, woo! – [Tiffany] What time
is it, Bryce? – B-Ball time, basketball time. – [Tiffany] Baseball? – I said b-ball, so it might
be basketball or baseball. – [Tiffany] Or baseball. – Basketball! – [Tiffany] Practice time? – Yeah. – [Tiffany] So many drinks. (feet pounding) Focusing on the wrong kid. – [Coach] Up on the line,
ready position. Ready positions. Ready positions, that means
you’re ready to run again. Ready, go! (feet pounding) – All wrapped up with dinner and the weather
is super nice, guys. It’s like 85 degrees right now, but it’s probably closer to 80. So, me and Bryce are going
for a little night stroll. I got the Hoverboard,
aka Smart Drift Scooter, as it’s really called. It’s not a Hoverboard, guys. It’s on the ground,
it doesn’t hover. But everyone likes to
call it a Hoverboard. I’m on the Hoverboard and
Bryce is on my longboard. Yeah, yeah! Ooh, look at that nice
light on you, it’s all blue. And then, while we’re out, oh, you should’ve grabbed
your mama’s phone, we could’ve gone
hunting for Pokémon. – [Bryce] Yeah! – ‘Cause, oh geez. (laughs) Actually, I can’t do Pokémon and vlog on a scooter
at the same time. So, one at a time. (laughs) You wanna race, bro? – You’d probably win. – [Clintus] I don’t know, this thing starts
beeping if I go too fast. Plus, I’m a little wobbly. – How fast does that thing go? – [Clintus] I don’t know,
like 20? – 20? – [Clintus] Woah, geez. See, I feel like
I’m going too fast. I can’t go that fast
and I start to wobble. (Bryce mumbles) That looks pretty
cool on you, actually. You’re like all blue. – Oh, shoot! – [Clintus] Ohh! Getting pretty good on that. – [Bryce] Do you think I’m
better than you at this? – [Clintus] Woo! Good thing this has got lights. It’s safe to say
that you’re definitely getting more exercise than I am. All I’m doing is
trying to keep balance. You’re actually
having to peddle. When we get back around the
corner, I’ll give you this one. You can ride home. – Go left.
– That way? – No, left. I don’t even know how long the battery life is on
one of these things. I don’t think I’ve ever
really ridden it long enough, a long period of time to know. I’ve only taken
it outside one time, and the battery
died pretty quick. I took it to the mailbox and
then it ran outta batteries. So, this is the longest I’ve
ever taken it out on a ride. Bryce is a trooper,
he’s still kicking along. As if he needs more exercise.
(laughs) He just got done with a
two-hour basketball practice. We’re like night riders, yo! Yeah, see, you can go
way faster than I can, especially when I’m vlogging. I need a Boosted Board.
That’d be fun. – Yeah. – [Clintus] And I definitely
can’t do this on a pro scooter. – When you first said,
“I’m gonna get a scooter, “I want a scooter,” I thought
you wanted a electric one. – [Clintus] Oh, that’d be cool. Alright, you wanna switch?
– Yeah. – [Clintus] Alright,
let’s switch. Alright, first time
riding it outside. Did you forget how to ride it?
(laughs) – No.
– [Clintus] No? – It’s just weird because
I’m out in the open. – [Clintus] It should be
easier, no walls to hit. Just be careful ’cause you’ll
start to go pretty fast and you’ll get
kinda wobbly, alright? – I’m used to riding it
without any shoes on. – [Clintus] Oh,
shoes are easier. All right, go for it. – I’m not gonna
be going that fast. – [Clintus] That’s fine,
probably shouldn’t, especially since I can’t
go very fast on this. (grunts) Yeah, you look good. It looks cool with
the lights and stuff, with the green on top and
the blue in the front. It’s pretty dope, man. If you could have
your own Hoverboard, what color would you want? – Blue or gold. – [Clintus] Blue or gold? – [Bryce] My left foot’s tired. – [Clintus] Your
left foot’s tired? – [Bryce] Yeah,
’cause I’m pushing hard when I was riding that,
’cause my left foot was, ohh. Shoot. ‘Cause my left foot
as on the board and I was kicking with my right. – [Clintus] Oh. You’re done, huh? – Yeah. – [Clintus] You don’t like it? – Well, it’s hard outside. – [Clintus] It’s hard outside?
– [Bryce] Weird. – [Clintus] All right, well,
I’ll ride it back home. Oh, and now you forgot how to
ride a skateboard. (laughs) – [Bryce] Now
I can’t ride either. – [Clintus] Now
you can’t ride anything. It’s funny ’cause that thing
wobbles a lot more than this. So, I get on this
and I’m trying to wobble and there’s no wobble. – [Bryce] Yeah? – [Clintus] Wobbly, wobbly. – [Bryce] The turn? – [Clintus] No, straight. Seriously, you guys,
this weather is amazing. It’s so nice out. Well, there you go, guys. Sorry, uneventful day. Today was all about Destiny
and my streaming and whatnot, so, sorry. Tomorrow is Thursday and
I will not be streaming all day, so Tiff and I will be
going out and about, running errands,
doing our thing, which usually makes
for good vlogs anyways when we’re out and about. It’s the days where
you’re stuck at home that the vlogs suck. So, tomorrow’ll be a good vlog. We’ll see you then. – My name is Rimsky,
I’m from Miami, Florida, and vlog on!

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