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At times when pc displays were in size of baroque women’s breast and web was slower than the old lady walking on crutches was released the movie “Back to Future 2” Viewers remembered from the production mainly two things: Futuristic Nike Air Mag and the hovering hoverboard. Vfx were so realistic that the concept of hoverboard sparked off the imagination of fans all around the world. Since this moment some people were asking themselves: How to build a hoverboard? Since this moment there were loads of concepts this conveyance. However none of those attempts were successful. Online there were also published videos starring Tony Hawk himself. They were showing the famous american skateboarder hovering on the board. Whole video appeared to be a prank. Last year a small startup hendo presented its hoverboard. Its construction was based on 4 elements under the board. These chassis elements consisted of 4 magnets with different poles.

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