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so you know hoverboards? I actually own one, its a beast though. it weighs 20 – 40 pounds I cant really remember,
but! thats not the point, the point is just flat out hoverboards. so my friends all owned one before me but
then, my beast came along on amazon one day and
I was like, “I gotta get that” so I ask my grandma (thanks by the way)
and you know she said? she said “yes” … WHOOOOOO. I was pumped I checked my front door every
day, It wasn’t there (apparantley there was a slowdown so I couldn’t
get it until then, but the day came… I checked the front door,
no hoverboard. and as I went inside, I saw it, it was a huge box, probably could fit
a tv in there, and next to it I saw the hoverboard charging and I freaked
out I was so excited so I pulled it off the cord and took it for a spin,
after that I rode it every day, I seriously remember riding it up and down the hall while
my parents watched walking dead. soooooo… yeah.

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