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Hoverborad Balance Scooter tips نصائح هوفربورد بالانس سكووتر

Hoverborad Balance Scooter tips نصائح  هوفربورد بالانس سكووتر

Hello. I am back with a new video
and today it is the best video in my life why?
because my mom got a present and it is a balance scooter OMG OMG OMG This is it
I will open it in front of you and try it Lets begin. 1,2,3
So heavy we have here the instructions
This is the charger Lets open see it
Strange thing Look at this OMG
lets see it later now we will see the scooter
Come on I am so excited to try it The color that I wanted So heavy Lets move everything aside
OMG Seriesly!!!? I saw on youtube how we start it lets see
ya its here you see this button
I will ask mom to help me stand on it I am so excited
Mom come OMG
So pretty Honosly I want to tell you some information
about it first of all
It is difficult to balance on it. Why?
because you see her how is move the two sides and the human being doesnt have good balance
so now I will tell you this is the light of the battery
and the other side light when you put your foot on it
you can go backwards if you push with your the back of your foot
and you can go forward with the tip of your toes
just like this OK now
here we press ON and OFF and we have the place to the charger
NOw I will explain to you how can we go left or right
if we want to go right the right hand doesnt do anything and stays still
and the left hand needs to push a little forwards look how it works
if you want to go back the same way just push with back of your foot
now if we want to go left this time the left hand stays still
and the right hand pushes forward look
now we can go back the same way so nice and this is the end of my video dont forget to push the LIKE
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the biggest gifts in the whole world and the last word I say is


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