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How Canada Made Ted-Jan Bloemen a Champion Speed Skater

How Canada Made Ted-Jan Bloemen a Champion Speed Skater

There are many things so beautiful about speed
skating. It’s very physical, it’s very technical,
and it’s just such a beautiful motion. When you’re hitting your stride, you feel
like you’re flying, and it’s so fast. It’s a really, really cool feeling, and it’s very competitive. There’s a really high level of performance
at the moment, and it’s always there. I tried getting to the absolute top of the
world in speed skating for many years. I felt like I was, like, hitting a wall. I wasn’t really getting better anymore. There are so many different commercial teams
in Holland. I was switching teams quite a lot, and I felt
like I needed a little bit more of a consistent situation around me, and I just wasn’t going
to find that in Holland. That’s why I chose my dad’s birth country. The adjustment from moving from Holland to
Canada, it’s quite a big difference. From the moment I got here, the Canadian national
team embraced me right away, showed me around, taught me how to be Canadian. They made me feel at home right away. Just bit by bit, I got to know Canada, and
I got to know what the Canadian way actually means. Canada is quite a bit more relaxed than Holland. People have a lot more interest in each other, and what I notice is a big difference for for speed skating is that people travel very far to train in Calgary. So we kind of have to befriend each other
and get along, because we all get into this new city here, and for a lot of people it’s
a big move. Whereas in Holland it’s all short-by and close, and people have their friends from growing up and school, and it’s more a competition
when you get to training and you are around your team. I’m feeling really good about the move I made, and I think I’m on the best team in the world right now.


Brrrrrrrr……… Bad behavior at the WR-wall with Sven Kramers name. Sven will destroy his name in the comming olympics

Congrats Canada! What a nice genuine guy. Well deserved. Absolutely no hard feelings towards him for switching to Canada.

Just goes to show you that training atmosphere can really make a difference. You have to find a place that works for you, that makes you feel comfortable and brings out your passion for your sport. I'm so glad that Canada was able to be that place for him!

Can't blame him for moving to Canada. Great country, lovely people. Lived there for a year, wish I could have stayed longer. If I could choose a passport to switch to it would be the Canadian one.

Yeah blabla. Good move for him, but he learned everything he needed to know about icespeedskating in NL. Not in Canada. He was too weak for the strong Dutch competition. His choice is clearly a very good one, but do not pretend this is somehow Canada's influence. it is him getting out of fierce competition to focus on the 5 and 10 K. I have seen too much questionable behaviour of him to really like him btw. On the track and off the track.

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