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How Do Snap Spectacles Work?

How Do Snap Spectacles Work?

Snap spectacles were announced
in September 2016 and are now available to purchase. (Music) They allow you to record ten
second snaps from these glasses, which are called Spectacles without
the need to hold your own phone. And then, they’re saved to your memories
which you can publish to stories later. To set up your Snap Spectacles,
make sure your app is up-to-date. Then, access your settings by swiping and
tapping the gear icon in the top right. Scroll down a little bit, and
you’ll see a section called Spectacles. Pair it up, and then,
put your Spectacles on and tap the button on the left of the
Spectacles while looking at the Snap code. Wait a few seconds, it’ll pair, and
it will say it’s been connected. So, to film using Snap Spectacles, all you
have to do is tap the button firmly on the left side of the frames, then,
a ten second video will start recording. For the outside observer, there will be a white circular
light that starts to appear. While you’re wearing the glasses, you’ll
see a white light that comes on when it starts and will blink a couple
of times red before it finishes. If you don’t want to capture the entire
10 seconds, you can hold it for 2 seconds while it’s already filming. You can record for
up to 30 consecutive seconds, but Snapchat will actually break it into 3 ten
seconds segments, you just have to tap once while it’s in the middle in
one of those ten second segments (Music)
To access the videos after you’ve recorded them and publish them to your story,
or send them to your friends, all you have to do is go to your memories,
as you normally would. There’s gonna be a new tab
there that says SPECS. Jump there, or
you can head to the ALL column. Then, select which clips you want
to share or publish to your story. And then publish them
as you normally would. In addition to the Spectacles,
you’ll receive a yellow triangular case. Aside from its unique design, it actually
doubles as a portable charging case. When fully charged, this guy can charge
the Spectacles up to four times. To charge the Spectacles, all you have
to do is drop them in the case and there’s a magnetic charging port that
makes it really easy to connect. You know that it’s charging because
the light will start pulsing. If you want to know how much
battery life your case has, all you have to do is tap
the button on the side over here. If either the case or the spectacles run
out, or you don’t have your case on you, you can use this USB cable
to charge either directly. So, where you can use these? You can use them in your everyday life. We really think there’s
a lot of opportunity for using them in active sports. Activities which you might
need two hands for and otherwise couldn’t capture on Snapchat. They might be a little bit tricky
to get used to them at first. Most of us are unfamiliar with people
snapping with glasses as of now, but we’re really optimistic about
where they’re gonna take Snapchat. – (Sound)
– Thanks for watching. Hopefully you guys enjoy Snap Spectacles
as much as we’ve been enjoying them already. Leave a comment below to let
us know how you’re using them. And don’t forget to subscribe
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Why should I use my high quality camera with autofocus on my expensive smartphone … when I can purchase these fancy spectacles and have one addtional gadget and battery charging to worry about?!?

i like it how snapchat (oh i'm sorry i meant snap inc.) is simply making a pair of glasses that can record and now they're calling themselves a camera company. all they had before was just snapchat and now that this $130 thing is a thing they call themselves a camera company

You guys had an ad featured in Snap called Vibrant Miami 30 hours in the magic city, what was that tropical song!!!?? I need a name 🙁

cool tech toy….. but i guess that yellow circles make it annoying…. please make it of same colour… glares are too look gud…. 😁

great for digitizing educational videosSnap announces that its Spectacles sunglasses have gone on sale in Europe

this device is all but spectacles….10 seconds video??!? what's the meaning for, to record so short videos, how could you be so lucky to grab so good video content in only 10 seconds. or 30 seconds? than every once in a while you have to charge it, configure it with a phone and limited to snapchat, i think is a useless gadget

I love all the negativity in the comments section–a lot of winners here. I just got a pair and I'm excited to use them–and not have to look at a screen.

Cool idea but needs revision. Should be able to record for 5-10 minutes, save to your phone, then you can choose the segments you want to use.

They should make it to where you can put filters on people’s faces using the spectacles, like some maybe people that work a Snapchat can see 😊

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