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Ol]a YouTube my name is Ricardo lino and
I’m a wheel addict life dc’s mine I don’t even know my fifth or sixth I’m
doing a live vlog and today I want to talk with all of you about how we carry
our skates so my setup here today it’s kind of weird that’s where I film my
videos and I may just try to organize this for a second because right now I
have a screen there that I want to not to see baby I don’t want to see the
screen in the back so just give me one second
now there’s more people yes there’s more people starting to join this so probably
if you’re watching these you got an email and when you got that email there
was a there was an image which was the thumbnail for this video and on that
thumbnail for this video there was something like this I do not carry
skates like this you can if you want to compare your skates like that but good
luck with that you’re gonna need a lot of t-shirts for
that so and I want to talk with all of you and try to understand what’s the
best way to carry your skates so I have more people joining the chest right now
let me see what I got Alex and I’ll stand it lino yeah that’s cool whoa
which I’ll share is this kill Shane raged from shit
so what else so I got club committee of us saying the Dickies I don’t know what
that mean I’m sorry I am TV saying I Fernando Bauer saying I pon di lino hey
when do you Fernanda Kwon so if you saw the video that I posted yesterday you
know that there’s a new bowl and Kwon is another skater from Cape Town and you
is that they that we skate and there’s a new ball so today it’s going to be
interesting also super important my shop is open right now not really I closed
the door so let’s hope that no one comes and knocks on the door and I need to
interrupt the video so I should have put a paper outside
I forgot I hope they’re watching this video so let’s go different ways to
carry your skates I’m going back to the first skates which were the roller
skates right that’s how skating started so how do I
carry rollerskates these are not my skates
these are my wife roller skates but this is a really basic way to carry skates
that’s it that’s our my wife carry skates carries our skates you can just
tie the laces and these can work with roller skates obviously which like I
said we’re the first skates use the first wheelie shoes but this can also be
done with inline skates so we can do these with the laces but
these ones these are my USDA and 72 and I put them together to also skate around
the ball and yesterday when I made my video about the USD sevens I said that I
couldn’t skate with these traps but I can put the straps on the USDA ends and
they’re so fast to put on with these traps you can also carry this case like
this so that’s a really easy way to carry your aggressive skates if they
have straps you can do these with the top strap you can do it with a 45 degree
strap on the US das you can also carry it over your shoulder different ways so let’s see what on
their message do we got whatsapp direwolf ‘highly no I’m here from win
skin wince concerned I’m sorry if I said it wrong and bad my english usa’ let me
see that hat ly no the one in the other video which one is one tell me which hat
you wanna see okay hi MTV silat I carried them in a
backpack so even for those of you who carry your
skates in the backpack most of the times I also carry my skates in a backpack but
there’s different ways to carry skates in a backpack so I’m gonna show you at
least two different backpacks that I have that I carry my skates and then I’m
gonna show you the most basic way to carry your skates but before that please
let me know how is the sound thanks Shani saying loving the vlogs
please guys tell me let me know how is the sound
Martin Simba hi carbons have straps on the back of each skate so Martin most of
the skates most of the skates have that type of straps I can show you the USD
aims that I had most of the skates at these type of straps and that’s another
way to carry your skates there’s even a brand that makes some wheels that I
don’t have any here god it’s Frankie Morales brand they make a little thing I
don’t know the name of that it’s used for rock climbing one of those little
things I don’t know if someone knows the name of that so you can just you can put
it here and then you just grab both at the same time I don’t know the name of
that little metal thing that you can use but check what happens if the skates are
not buckled the liners will fall out so that’s out you know there’s another way
to turn this case now going to the backpacks going to the backpacks
I got this USD backpack that on the side with this this is the squad cool this
USD by trackers you see this one too and how do you put your skates in here so
basically I hope I’m not saying anything wrong but the whole idea with these is
that after skating you can put your skates in the backpack but you don’t
want to put the skates inside a backpack because they’re gonna smell because
they’ve been sweating and all that so with this backpack check this but now
imagine there’s this zipper on the side that you just reach escape like this and
it’s pointing out so the smelly part this one doesn’t have the lollies
because it just felt points like it’s sticking out then you do the same on the
other side and boom USD backpack to carry skates I don’t know if you knew
this one I like this one this is the last one and this one is black denim
which means that that’s really really strong so that’s one of the backpacks
then a few months ago for those of you Simba SF are really good backpacks yes
the Sabre backpack is really cool I had a simple backpack a few years ago I hope
you think you’re talking about the same one that I had which is the one that has
a hardback and that one with the hardback makes it when you sweat it’s
not in contact weight the bag and that’s actually quite cool for me like
especially if you’re going to put the computer right next to your back if you
if you’re going to be sweating you don’t want to sweat to go to the computer so
if that’s the backpack that’s amazing but check this out so a few months ago a
few months ago a brand called cutter motors they sent me some downhill frames
because I only had some 80 millimeters and they wanted me to try their frames
which is basically the best found heal frame on the market at the moment in my
opinion and when they send me those frames they also sent me a back check
this back so these bag which is the one that I
used today this bag is made out of like a super-strong material it’s different
from the USD one I like that one because it’s black denim it’s I think in my
opinion that one is looks better but this one is really really strong I don’t
know if you can see it here but it’s you know the that material used on the back
of the trucks that’s it it’s fully waterproof and then when you want to put
the skates on these that hard to put the pair of skates I have a few different
skates you but I’m gonna use the same so if I want to put some skates here how do
I do it so let me try to get some space you give me a second there’s this little
pocket on the side and then I think my back my bag is right now a little bit
too too heavy with other stuff and then after that bag just come on this side
you have a clip here and once you clip it ah sorry guys once you clip it your
skin to go there and that’s another way on the side of the bag without mixing
your skates with what you got inside I know that some people like to carry the
skates inside the bag but like I said before for me I don’t like to put my
skates inside my bag especially because I sweat a lot like dirty socks and all
that stuff you don’t want to mix that with whatever you have inside your back
especially if it’s food man that’s my lunch
I wouldn’t want to mix my escapes with my lunch so outside that the skate stay
outside and I’m one of those guys with a lot of skates so usually my skates are
not even that bad but I had my times that I only had one pair of skates and
skating the same pair of skates every day I know that they don’t smell that
good so so let me just reply to a few more things that I got here so what do
we got here cada moto sent you stuff was it speed
skating no kind of mother send me as downhill frame like a five wheels 590
million means five times 90 millimeter frame it’s the the D H downhill frame
from Kara Moto’s and he also sent me the back so I’m supposed to make like a
review of that frame soon I’ll do it I need to have a little bit more time but
I have been so busy especially now it’s Christmas it’s going crazy you guys have
no idea but like trying to make these videos trying to do my job my work with
power spot being at the shop it’s just it’s hard right now but it’s working
we’re making it work and from January I’m gonna have someone helping me here
he also skates so from January everything is going to change I took on
areas hola como estas useless con areas Spain so where can I get that back which
bag black shark asked me where can I get that bag and yo hello from Taiwan and
I’m sorry if I missed some of the questions because I’ve been trying to
talk with you guys and at the same time do these thing nice sorry someone was
calling on my phone and that’s how I’m doing these I don’t know what to do
sorry trying to help here everyone trying to help
every way but sometimes just doesn’t work so did we lost the connection when
I was trying to make a phone when someone was calling me
please let me know if the connection stopped or not so home strap let’s go this thing right here am I still here
can you guys still see me cuz I have no idea what’s happening right now so
please let me know cuz I have no idea of what’s going on
okay hello from Chile yes okay now let’s do this
so cuts out every now and then yeah the reason why it’s cutting it’s because
someone keeps calling me and I need to use my data to do these I can’t use the
Wi-Fi because the internet in Africa is super slow if I would be using the Wi-Fi
then I could put it in airplane mode but I can’t put it in airplane mode because
then the internet is slow so sorry guys now getting back to the old strap one
strap is basically these and made in Brazil by a skater called sit down and
it’s this thing that will allow you to carry the skates just in an original way
but it works really really good let me get this case from yesterday give me one
second okay these are the USD samples my loo
latest skates my newest skate and I love the look of these skates and I love how
they feel now especially with the buckle because we did it wasn’t really working
if you haven’t seen the video that I’ve done yesterday these kids look really
really good but it wasn’t working with the strap on top instead of the bottom
so I did got back to the original buckle and now I’m gonna show you what a better
way to carry your skate that’s it just a strap that goes around and then you can
also bring your skates like that that’s cool this is called the arm strap
and it’s actually comfortable so it’s so comfortable that I’m gonna keep it while
I’m doing it I did not pay for this this was offered to me but no one asked me to
advertise it or anything like that I really liked it and that’s why I’m doing
this video I’m just showing you a different way I can show you how these
works so here it’s kind of like two straps one on each side and at first I
was just losing both I was just getting both like loose and then someone in
Brazil told me it’s going to make it you’re making it a lot harder so
basically right now I just do it on one side and put it as tight as I can
now I got my skates like this Ruben Ruben is asking yeah someone saying that
looks good it looks amazing and it’s really easy man someone is asking me how they can get
one of these I know that rolling sports in Sao Paulo Brazil sells it and I know
it because the guy that makes these leaves right on the side of the of the
shop so I know that they carry it so you can go for double double W dot rolling dot BR they sell these and I think there’s different ones this one is
a camouflage one but I think they make it all black I know there’s some black
with orange detail there’s a few different ones but I do not know no more
about it I just like I said I wasn’t paid to do this someone just gave it to
me and I like it so I’m keeping it now when I started this video I told you
there’s different ways especially a really really basic way to carry your
scapes I’ve been carrying my skates the way I’m going to show you right now
since forever and like I have access to all these powerslide bag like the cars
are backpack the USD backpack that I just showed you and all these bags that
have like special ways to carry your skates but most of the time for me to be
able to make these videos for you and I love the videos I I haven’t really told
you about the main reason why I do these videos but think about it yes I do love
doing it but can I can you imagine like in ten years if I’m not doing them
anymore going back and just seeing my whole life ten years ago it’s for me
it’s amazing and it’s it feels good to think that in ten years I’ll be able to
see it especially right now that my daughter is growing and basically we can
document everything it’s just cool for me in my opinion but
let’s do this I’m going to show you how I usually carry my skates like I told
you I usually carry my camera bag this is my camera bag it’s huge but I
needed like on this side I usually have all these whatever right now it’s quite
empty just as the gimbal but it says like all the lenses different camera
stories let me see here let’s go pro hero 5 it has this little vlogging
camera that I use a lot it has these Panasonic gx8 all the microphones all
the hard drives I still put the computer here basically all these little things
that it can’t imagine coming here then how do I carry my skates okay I’m gonna
say goodbye to the home strap even if the horse trap works with a backpack
that’s cool right now I take the hand strap I take the phone strap most basic
way and I carry my skates so many times like these so imagine these I open the
buckle go around one side where’s the other one
open the other buckle go around the other side and there you go
do I need any skate Bank well if you want to support the brands that make
skate bags and yes it’s quite cool it’s it’s different but these works if you
don’t have the money to buy a skate bag and if you just have your own backpack
for school or whatever this is more than enough I’ve been using these these way
to carry my skates since forever and I never ever know I lied to you I did has
one problem with these ones I don’t know if you remember in one of my in one of
my first days I’d be too stressed to show you in one of my first videos in
Cape Town I was going with the scooter and I lost one of the skates but it
wasn’t because of this way of carrying this case it’s important if you’re gonna
carry the skates this way that I just show you that your buckles are in good
condition and you know that sometimes you can break the receptor here and
sometimes they just go both ways like too easy so if that’s happening you
don’t want to carry your skates this way I guess that’s the main the most
important thing that you need to know before carrying this case like that okay
okay someone saying can you show it more what do you want to see please you want
to see how to put it in or you want to see how they look like I’m sorry let me
see I hope that you guys can see it this way I just tried to camera down a little
bit let me see is it too low is it okay
maybe it’s too low okay someone is asking okay you wants to
see in the backpack how it works so just kind of put one scale on the on
the backpack so that you guys can see that’s really really simple so you open
the buckle you know these right super easy you have one of the straps it
doesn’t even need to be close here so all you need to do is to close these
inside here so now when you put it down check it stays that’s just really really
easy and it’s super super helpful I’ve been carrying my skills like I just say
like so for so many years like that it doesn’t matter how big your bag is you
can always find a way to carry your skates so someone was asking me what
kind of skate sardis well if you are asking about these black ones I made my
last two videos which was done yesterday and the day before was about these case
these are the USD sevens the USD sevens plan black this is the 2016 version
because the 2017 comes with with a white soleplate other than that I think it’s
the same then it has a a second skin liner from my feet the first version
because there’s also a second version and this is the last edition of the
kaiser try max frame it comes in a pack just like this you can buy the pack
which is like frame wheels and bearings and you just put the whole pack on the
2016 skate with a old my feet liner and you got this Batman skate all black I
love it at first I was using it with a different buckle I tried to change these
I didn’t want the original I thought the other
would look better but these one works better on such a high frame so I guess
that’s it that’s my escape what else let me see let me see what else do we have
here can I ask hmmm oh really okay there’s this yosef
XD I think that I’ve said he’s saying can I ask what do you want to ask what
else lace addict what laces do you usually know okay so I
had I had like a conversation about laces these morning Wade a woman that
came to the shop to buy rollerskates because she wanted to change the roller
skate the roller skating laces and it’s really hard to get long laces there’s a
shop in Cape Town called Cape Union marked and basically they sell all these
rock-climb being and tracking and all that stuff all that type of gear and
they sell like waxed laces which are really really good and they sell it like
really long laces until now those are the best laces that I found but I’ve
heard from a few people that my feet has some laces my feet is the brand that
makes these liners that I just showed


Thank you for answering my question sir! I haven't been keeping up on videos so well lately, I'll definitely check out the videos about the skated, they look so badass!

Usually I carry together some protection equipments … kneew pad, helmet, wrist guard, etc… so for me, a
full backpack works better …

I have the same bag! , it is very strong and durable, I have had mine for over a year and I skate 3 times a week, so it gets a lot of use

I carry my inlines by running a big nylon dog-collar thru the loops on the back of the skates, buckling the collar, and carrying them that way.

Yup that metal thing you are thinking of Lino is a carabiner. It's cheap, easy and comes in a variety of colours and sizes. I highly suggest it for short trips. I use the slim Seba bags these days. It's great for going to and from work as well as day outings. I used it on my vacation cruise when I left the ship. I wish Valo made a a nice bag but then that would be diverting resources from their main concern.

I use a Powerslide skate bag (occasionally) and skate leashes for my skates. I have a cool tie dye leash that I bought from Etsy for my inlines and a rainbow one from Moxi skates that I bought to carry the Chaya Jump skates that I recently got. I love them both. <3 🙂

I have to say you thanks for making this video because it will make my life a bit more easier.

I'm studying and I stay in one house the weekdays and in my parent's house the weekend, moving with public transport, so I carry a big backpack with all the things i need. I have experimented myself some other ways than the traditionals you mentioned to carry the skates but i didn't found one that really suited me apart from the carabiner one. After seeing the way you carry your skates with the normal backpack i was like NO WAY, i and i just tried it and found it so easy and comfortable.

The onstrap looks amazing though, I will make my own since i can't buy one from spain

@Ricardo Lino,,,thanks for the easiest and greatest tip ever,,i never even thought about just attatching the skates to the straps of your backpack,,,,its so easy,comfortable and safe,,,youve just saved me £70 as well,,now I don't need to buy a backpack specifically designed for carrying skates anymore…,,,,big respect bro,,,your videos are awesome,,your an amazing skater,,,i learn something new everytime I watch,,,,stay safe,,,

I carry mine by putting the inside part of the top plastic strap through my backpack straps and making it tight. I then clip my helmet through the handle on top of my backpack

OMG mind mind is blown, thanks for showing us how you carry your skates! I mean it's so obvious I dont know why I didn't think about that earlier haha

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