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How ICS works –

How ICS works –

Welcome to, My name is Ben and today I am going to be talking about ICS compression systems which are Internal Compression Systems. I’m going to explain what they are and how they work. This is one here! Its the most simple kind of compression system on the market and also one of the cheapest Basically, all it is, is a long bolt, and a star nut. And how they work, is you get your forks like so, you pop the bolt through, like this until it appears on the other end of your forks. Then you bang this, to the top end of your handlebars and then, it will screw in like this. The idea is when you put the bars onto this, and its all screwed on together, it compresses everything tight together It helps your headset to move nice and smooth and also it spreads the pressure on your bars when you’re riding so its less likely to cause them to snap. Ok, If you need any more information at all, hit us up at, alternatively, you can visit our facebook page Or, if you want to, you can subscribe and see me EVERY SINGLE WEEK, Wow… Thanks alot, Bye!


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