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How Many Skateboard Tricks Are There? +Lightning Round | #AskRadRat 69

How Many Skateboard Tricks Are There? +Lightning Round | #AskRadRat 69

This time on Ask Rad Rat, we talk about
how many tricks there are in skateboarding, we also do another
lightning round. Let’s get into it. Welcome to Rad Rat Video! Here on the
channel, we learn something new about skateboarding three times a week. So
subscribe – every Monday, Wednesday and Friday you’ll get a new video about a
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Shred school, all kinds of other stuff including this series: Ask Rad Rat. So
I’ve got a lot of questions for you, but the first few are going to be pretty
quick. So this first set are all from Zach Taylor. He asks, “is being physically
fit a huge advantage in skateboarding?” Of course it’s a big advantage, but it’s not
like basketball. If you really want to be a pro basketball player and you grow up
to be 5’2″, then sorry, you’re basically out of luck, right? With skateboarding,
there’s always a different thing you can do with your body type, whether it’s, you
know, technical – a ton of manuals. Whether you’re doing big gaps, whether
you doing ramps, there’s always something for you. If you watch my video about who
invented the no comply, you’ll find that one of the co-inventors – someone who
deserves partial credit at least – was a very big guy. So big that he couldn’t
really jump both feet at the same time, and so he was doing no comply, like, flat
ground no comply variations because of that. And so there’s always something
that you can do. Second question, “what’s the most durable skate shoe out there?”
I’m going to leave that to you guys in the comments. I’m not really sure, I just
get whatever is on clearance, but if you’re interested in durability in your shoes, it check out my review of DKL grip tape right here. That’s supposed to
help save your shoes and I check whether it actually lives up to those
claims in that video. Next question, “Are there a lot of skaters that skate at a pro
level, but don’t have coverage because their connections and all that?” There
were two things I thought about – so in researching a different video, I came
across Matt Beach. A lot of you guys will remember him. He had a really good part
in The Firm video. I think that’s called Can’t Stop the Firm. Really amazing video
part, but he never really blew up. He never got to be the top tier of skate
pro, and one thing I found about the reason why was that he was tough to work
with. So his sponsors would want him to go out
and do this demo, whatever, he would only skate
on his own terms, and he didn’t feel like playing the game so much. He only wanted
to skate when he wanted to skate and that made him not a great Pro, despite being a
very good skater. So that was one thing I thought about. The other one is Mike
Carroll in the Nine Club. He talked about putting together the teams for Girl and
Chocolate, and he talks about how they don’t necessarily just pick the best
skater that there is, they pick someone who fits in the team, who fills the right
role they probably, you know — if they’re easy to work with, if they are
good at communication, all that kind of stuff. All those things factor into
being a pro skateboarder. It’s not just being the best. It’s a job, basically, you
know, and you have to be able to fulfill all the obligations of that job beyond
just riding a skateboard. Next question, “Why are most brands based in California
or New York?” That’s changing of course, but I think that the most obvious thing
is that that’s where they’ve always been. So if you want to start a skate brand,
you do it in California. You can get involved in the skateboarding
Association, you can go to trade shows you can do all that kind of stuff. You
can go to the wood shops at all the other guys use and it’s just a little
bit easier. But nowadays you’re seeing companies coming out of everywhere. Last
one is, “Are skaters in a rut just skating famous spots and not
searching out new ones?” You know, one thing that I really like about watching
videos from all over the world is that you get to see all kinds of different
stuff. If you watch a video out of Europe, you’re not going to see the same old
spots that you’ve been seeing, and it’s really refreshing when you do see
something new, and you see something done in a different way. Or just a different
kind of spot. I think that’s something that really is lacking from skateboarding
these days. And I’m actually going to talk about
something similar to this in a video coming up real soon, but you know
something else I came to mind was Jerry Hsu, and he talked about, in an
interview, how counting stairs is pointless.
You know, in trying to reach that next level: “This guy did a frontside flip down
16. I’m going to do it down 17.” That kind of stuff, and how that doesn’t really fit
into skateboarding that well. And I think that that was pretty interesting
too. So for me, I would definitely like to see more interesting spots skated creatively than just seeing the same stuff over and over. I’m
sure a lot of you would agree. Okay the next question in this video: this is from
staple Hill youth and he asked, “How many skateboard tricks are out there total versus another discipline like
scootering?” So this one — a kind of interesting story. I made a video about
why rollerblading died, and that’s right here. And a long time after that went up,
it got posted on some rollerblading forum or website or whatever and I start
to get all these messages from rollerbladers complaining about the video.
And one guy on Twitter specifically, he said he took big offense to a part in
that video where I say skateboarding has more tricks, and he told me that
skateboarding has four tricks. There’s kickflips, heelflips, impossibles,
and shove its. Everything else is just a combination of those. And that’s it. And I
tried to argue with him a little bit. He wasn’t having it. But what I tried to do
was come up with a little bit more thorough of a thought process and try to
figure out how many tricks there actually are. So I was thinking about
just your standard flip tricks: just rolling along, flip, keep rolling. There’s
at least 100, probably more like 200 different variations. So we’re talking
weird stuff: Casper flips, semi flips, toe flips, alpha flips, Omega flips, feather
flips, all that kind of stuff. There’s got to be well over 100, probably more like
200 and there’s also be no comply and boneless variations. You can do a lot
of those same tricks as a no comply or boneless, which is a separate trick too.
You’ve got at least a hundred different grinds. I did a video about the Barley
and Bennett grinds and if they were invented by the people they’re named
after. And in that one, I talked about how there’s 20 different Smith and
feeble variations you can do. There’s also double grinds, you know, if
you’re skating on like a stair set you can do a Smith on the top step and a Losi on the middle step, or something like that, you can do a noseslide and tailslide at the
same time. There’s darkslides, there’s tail block slides, all kinds of stuff.
What else? We got freestyle. Okay, so, truck transfers. You imagine
doing like a pogo. You can make the board do an impossible over
your foot and catch it on the other side, you can do a finger flip land back on
the truck, you can flip it forward and land on the truck, you can switch feet as
you do that, you can flip it you know this way or this way, you can flip it as
you do it. There’s a million right there. Same thing with Caspers. Something else
is all the footwork and freestyle you can do like walk the dogs, monster walks,
endovers. There’s something called a Paulino where you — it’s like a
frontside big spin, but the tail is dragging the whole time. So you drag the
tail, start to turn, switch feet and then kind of land in a switch pivot, you know.
There’s just so much stuff not counting all the random freestyle stuff – casper
disasters, stuff like that. There’s all the different grabs you can do, obviously.
Even double grabs, nose grab and Indy at the same time. Manuals: you’ve got, you
know, your regular manuals, got one footed, you got one wheel, you have multiple
boards like doing Daffys, you have – throw Primo slides in there, but even that. If
you tip it a little bit and the wheels roll, it’s called a coconut wheelie. There’s
a billion of those too. So I counted all this stuff out — not meticulously trick
by trick — but I estimated that, counting all four stances, there’s got to be well
over 5,000 tricks. And if you count [phone chime] — Sorry about that — and if you count landing
in manuals, landing in grinds, doing a flip to a late flip, doing a flip into a grab
all that kind of stuff it gets just astronomical numbers. But let’s say about
5,000 base tricks. Then I thought about scootering a little bit. I’m not an
expert on scootering, so you know, we have to take this with a grain of salt, but
you got your bar spins you got tailwhips, you’ve got something called a
bri flip where you kind of like throw the scooter over your shoulder and land
back on it, but the grinds are very limited because there aren’t trucks. You
can’t really lock in Smiths and feebles and stuff like that.
I guesstimated that at most, counting different stances and fakie
(whatever there might be), about a thousand at most. I’d be shocked if it was over a
thousand. All right let’s look into these numbers
a little bit more. This is the idea I came up with. So you got 250 tricks. Four
stances. I don’t know if scooters actually use all four stances. They could
technically nollie, you know, if your feet are switched the other way. I don’t know
if it’s really fair to use that, but I’ll give them that anyway. Got about a
thousand tricks. Skateboarding, I came up with the number 5000, worked backwards.
About twelve hundred and fifty with four different stances. So that’s a pretty big
difference – five times more. But let’s actually look at a combo. So this would
be any trick into any trick, so for skateboarding we’re talking in kickflip
Indy. We’re talking tail grab into a nose grind. Any random two tricks. Some of them
are going to be impossible, like doing a 540 flip late 540 laser flip, that kind
of stuff. But scootering is gonna have the same thing. You know, backflip late front
flip. So a lot of this stuff is going to be impossible, but these are the
theoretical combos. 250 times 250 times 4. So let’s see… that is actually 250,000.
a quarter million tricks. That is quite a bit. It’s pretty impressive, but what
about skateboarding? All right we got to keep going and going and going and going…
all right we’re going to see the end… oh there it is, oh hold on, hold on… and the
total is six million, two hundred and fifty thousand. So that should give you
an idea of the amount of theoretical combinations there there are. Some other
things I didn’t even factor in, like if you land cross footed. Some tricks you
can do cross footed, some tricks you can land cross footed – actually you can land
anything cross footed, so in theory there’s actually even more than this, but
I thought that was close enough for the sake of illustration. But if you talk
about maybe a three trick combo, that would get into the billions, and that
would just get a little bit crazy. So that should give you an idea of what I’m
thinking. So let me know your calculations below. I wonder if you’ve
come up with any numbers remotely similar to mine, but I want to hear about
that below. Also let me know all of your questions for next time. You can do so by
DMing me on Twitter or Instagram, you can email me through the about page on
this channel, or just send me a YouTube message as well. Any of that stuff will
work, but until next time, here’s more videos may want to check out. Also make
sure you tap my logo on screen so you can subscribe and you can keep
learning new things about skateboarding every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Thanks for watching


Hey Aaron I want to congratulate you on HUGE growth you've gotten lately, it's really well deserved. And I also want to ask if you can do something about the audio, I always end up turning the volume all the way up but it still sounds a little low. If you can't it's not a big deal, thanks for your time!

To counter the Rollerblader's argument, Take a varial kickflip. Kickflip + Shuvit, right? Well, take colors Red and Blue. Mix them together, and you get purple. Do we call purple a mix of red and blue, or it's own color? Both are true, but we take the fact that it's it own color more. Much like a kickflip being mixed with a shuvit.

Just wanted to say your videos are incredible and I really appreciate the effort and consistency you have with your channel. Keep up the good work man

"Today we have with us a group of students, among America's best. To you we say we have only completed a beginning. We leave you much that is undone. There are great ideas undiscovered, breakthroughs available to those who can remove one of the truth's protective layers. There are places to go beyond belief…" Neil Armstrong

Oh lord, he didnt even take into account sex changes whicch would actually double the ammount of tricks 😂

Kickflip, heel flip, shuv it, impossible, 180, 360, indy grab, nosegrab, tailgrab

with these 9 tricks / variations, you can use algebra to find that with just these tricks, you could have

9x8x7x6x5x4x3x2x1 = 362887 different combinations. Multiply that by 4 for each stance and you get the combinations that are possible with just 9 trick variations.

I haven't skated in about 13 years, but I love these videos. it's sort of relaxing to just have these videos on.

LMAO did some rollerskater really think skateboarding has less tricks? hahaha wtf. Its simple physics. There are WAY more degrees of freedom on a skateboard because the board isnt connected. more degrees of freedom = more variation. Simple.

Fs 360 no comply flip is insane! Your channel is really one of the best right now. The fact that it's so fluid and without a ton of jump cuts makes it so much more enjoyable to watch, and the level of skate nerdery is over 9000!

Saying that there are only hundreds of certain tricks is where i think your wrong..maybe thousands but probably alot more..a trick is anything you can think of on a will never succeed trying to number them..think of all the flips grinds slides and rotations and you could combine any of them into infinte possibilities and technically they are all different tricks

in scootering nollie doesn't really exist. also in scootering you can do smiths, feebles, 50-50, 50s and nose grinds which are all done on the deck. scootering also hads a few free style tricks such as an oreo or different variations of scooter fakies. also in scootering you have opposite tricks like oppo barspins and heel whips etc

Factor in an extra body varials and reverts. And let's relax and watch how far high that bar is going to get 😂😂

Scootering has more tricks than that, and we can do overcrocks and board back lip on rails and stuff. And we can do switch tricks and sexchanges. Whip bar, bar whip, whip kick heel, bar heel, heel bar, buttercup, briwhip, bar bri, there is way more tricks than you said

Well, if you count double/triple flips and 180/360/540 as individual tricks, skateboarding technically has several infinities of tricks. I doubt we'll ever see a septillion flip though.

I honestly can't remember the shoe model but the were Es that I bought 10 years ago and bought 3 pairs and they lasted forever!!! I think they were Es Excels…

Probably D3s are the most durable

The Nike zoom ad tre is supposed to be so durable that Nike stopped making them because they were losing money

only someone really dumb or biased could think rollerblades, attached to your feet, could have more tricks than a skateboard.

I don't think linking makes it a totally new trick. If that were the case the number would be in the millions for boards,boots or bikes

If you want new spots, check out Dave Mull's "New Driveway" part. He destroys it in the most creative ways.

Kickflip can be done 4 ways (stances) so add a fs 180 then u get 8, bs180, =12, shuv =16, fs shuv =20. Then add 360s then it doubles =36. Heel flips are same thing so add them,= 72. This does not sound like a lot, but pros can only do like half of these. Then there 20 grinds, add fs and bs and stances and you get 240 grinds. Just by common kickflips and heel flips and grind variations you get over 300. Then you can add flips and 180s into grinds, no complys, boneless , grabs, late flips, manuals, cross foot , foot plants, finger flips and you easily get into the millions.

You didn't mention vert / pool air and grind tricks. Total amount of "tricks" possible would be in the millions or more, possibly infinite.

For scooters, nollie is when you do a very short nose manuel into a trick. And you can do tricks normally, fakie, nollie, fastplant variations, when you are in a scooter fakie or fakie scooter fakie, and tricks out of an x-up/into an x-up. You can also do things like a rotorwhip or fullwhip, which is when you do a barspin and tailwhip at the same time. I'm bored as shit right now so I have nothing else to do.

Barspin/Opposite Barspin
Scooter Fakie
Bri Flip
Front Bri Flip
Front/Back Scooterflip
Nose Grab
Tire Tap
Tuck No Hander
Suicide No Hander
Sushi Grab
No Footer
One Foot Can-Can
Downside Tailwhip
Indian Air
Cali Slide
Fakie Slider/Front Slider
Over Crook
Dono Flip/Front Dono Flip

I'm 100% sure I forgot some but here you go, haha.

Someone read this whole thing and help me out please; I'm a fairly new skateboarder but I'm at the point where I just learned heelflips and kickflips. My board is an 8.25 but I've heard smaller boards flip faster. On top of that, I can feel a difference when I do flip tricks off the nose vs when I flip the board around and do it off the tail. I'm looking into new boards and I wanted a symmetrical one, and one that's not so long so it's easier to flick off the nose. What are the advantages and disadvantages to double kick tail boards, or double nose boards? I need clarification on terms like 'full shape' vs 'popsicle' vs 'double nose/tail'. If my board is shorter, will it make my ollies smaller? Thanks

Most durable shoe I've encountered…
Emerica Reynolds 1s. Goddamn you couldn't wear a hole in them period! Bonus points for still looking pretty slick especially when you consider how skate shoes looked at that time.

can you do a video on feebles, salads and maybe ollie norths? I figure a feeble is just a weak 50-50. But it'd be interesting to know the actual origins!

you can invent tricks in every discipline , it s just sad when in one of them people feel so unsecure that they have to keep on piking on other discipline . Even amongst your own you are still hating. Without agressive inline skateboard would never been what it is today same goes for skateboarding and bmx . bmx did the same for scooter. You will find poser in every discpline , but you will never find more haters then in skateboard . If you were so confident that your discipline is better you would have no problem appreciating others.

I just realized yer the OG youtube dude with all the trick tip videos and driveway skating where tf is that channel omg

Ask rad rat: why do you think certian spin + flip combos are easier or harder for different people? For example, I can backside flip pretty easily but fs flips are very challenging, and a couple of the people I skate with are the opposite. Why do you think that is?

Counting the number of possible tricks can be fun but I'd still be happy to watch nothing but kickflips. A single trick can be done in so many ways / styles.

Add all the power slide tricks, vert tricks, all the hand plants, boneless , it add up again and again. but what is the definition of a trick ? I think thats a good question.

To be fair, the scooter in theory could perform rotations in the air similar to a skateboard of of larger ramps. Ryan Williams has done frontwards scooter flips/bike flips, and you could apply this to any rotation you want. problem is, it's hard as fuck. lol
Amazing how versatile skating is though, and the creativity it brings.

Well every one is different and so in this way every one kick flips uniquely. so many me should add a X 7 bullion multiplier on there… lol… I do see your point just commenting for some Luls. thanks for all your hard work on these sweet Vids.

your math isn't correct imho. for a combo it should be f.e. (250×249) x 4 if I'm correct because you can't combine the same tricks 😉 but nice video

the kenny adio v2 was the strongest skate shoe in history not made anymore though they also had inner lace loops so u never wore out your laces and vulcanised rubber that took me 4 years to get through lol

nolllie in bmx and scooters is hopping off the front wheel. its a stand alone trick not a stance you can do it fakie, switch whatever. you would have to factor in oppo tricks as well,you an do do a switch oppo nollie 360 for example. its oppo is reffering to any spin trick,barspin, and tailwhips. switch refers to footing regular is you normal stance right or left foot foward is irrelavant switch is using the other foot foward ,goofy only has only has one meaning and that is spinning and hopping on a grind away from your back foot thats just a little, psa that figured might help you not sound like an idiot when you talk about bmx or scooters sorry if i sounded like a dick there, the correction needed to be made

I don't think anyone can fathom the amount of tricks there are and are being made now and have still not been made creativity is limitless!

If you think about it, the are the "base" tricks and it's variations.
For example, lets look at the kickflip
Switch kickflip
Fakie kickflip
Late kickflip
Ollie backfoot kickflip
Double/Triple/Quad kickflip
Nollie kickflip
Old School kickflip
No comply kickflip
Pressure kickflip
Boned kickflip
Kickflip underflip
If it can be landed, it's a trick.

So many types of trick variations:
Pressure flips
Early grab flips
Late flips
Varial flips
Old school flips
No comply flips
Body flips
Body spins
Hippie jumps
Freestyle tricks
Ollie variations

To defend scootering. Go watch Jon Reyes. Go watch Dakotas. You can do 50's and 5-0's with pegs. Back and frontflips are waay more consistant. There are at least more than a 1000, and don't forget the skateboarding has gone through many stages, and has been around professionally since the 60's. Scootering has had maybe 20 – 30 years professional, when people started doing tricks with a foldable razor. Rad really really should put more effort into scooter research, no offence but please make a correction for the skaters on your channel, they obviously won't know about how much you can actually do with just a flat rail and flat ground on a scooter…

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