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How to Alive Dead Lithium Cell Power Bank or Laptop Urdu, Hindi & English CC DIY

How to Alive Dead Lithium Cell Power Bank or Laptop Urdu, Hindi & English CC DIY

Best Channel in Electronics World. Subscribe Maaz Electronics and press bell button to get notification of new videos Assalam Alaikum , Hello Friends, I am Syed Maaz Gillani and you are watching Maaz Electronics. Today i bring more new video. which belongs to lithium cell. How can you repair Dead Lithium Cell. to become usable again. today you’ll learn to repair lithium battery. how can we repair dead lithium cell. any lithium cell you have of power bank or laptop. dead cell not usable for you, today i’ll teach you how can you repair and use again. then you can use at any place. Let’s Start. first of all you need this module to repair cell. this is lithium battery charging module. with this module you can check either you cell is charging or not. Then you need Data Cable V3 Mini USB Cable. this cable insert in module to charge cell. now we check these cell voltage, which is OK or not ? i’ll check with volt meter. now we check with volt meter. first check this cell. showing zero volt. checking next cell. this also zero. this also zero. this also zero volt. this also. i’ll show you all procedure of repair on one cell. you can reuse. put away all cells except one. now i’ll show you that this cell is charging on module or not. loose this cable first. insert v3 mini USB jack in module. now insert other side of cable in mobile charger to turn on module. now this module is turned on. now we check this cell is charging or not. this blue led is on mean module is on but not charging. if we attach cell with it. then Red led is on in module. red color mean rechargeable. now attach ground cable with ground. positive cable with positive terminal. after attach the cell, see it still showing blue Led. as like not charging anything. now i’ll teach you how charge again. firstly strip off the cover. please strip with caution. avoid damage of cell. after strip the cover, open it from top. ♪ ♪ Royalty Free Music Playing ♪ ♪ we open it and now open this cover. now separate the cover from terminal. now cut all extra sharp edges. ♪ ♪ Royalty Free Music Playing ♪ ♪ we cut all sharp edges and now check cell have any voltage or not. now attach meter prob with cell to check volt. before we checked voltage was zero. now we check how much voltage. see, 4.2 Volt. this cell is full charge. before we check it was zero now it showing 4.2 volt. now we check that module is charging this cell or not. if it charge then this is the repairing method. before charging we have to discharge it little bit because its 4.2 V full charge. now drop voltage of cell so module can charge it. to drop voltage, i’ll do short with cable. now i charge with module. attach negative to negative, positive with positive. Red light is on that’s mean it’s charging. it’s mean cell is charging properly. when it charge complete red light will off. now our cell is full charge. you can repair like this. now solder one wire with the positive terminal. after solder you have to do like this with wire. with glue gun you have to insulate it, to avoid short circuit. insulate done, and let it dry. now it’s dry, and don’t worry about short circuit or any damage. you have to do just insulate properly with patience. after all this now check again voltage is good or not. to check voltage attach ground with ground or positive with positive. see, 4.2 Volt, it’s mean full charge. you can repair dead cell of power bank and laptop. that not easily available in market. you can repair easily at home. and make reusable. any genuine battery which have cell like these, you can repair. Hope you like my video. Please subscribe My channel ” Maaz Electronics ” Please share and like videos. share to your friends they can also gain benefit. Thanks to watch.


Bhai iss se battery odd dikhegi bhai jo positive point hai wahan beech me kisi pin se dabayee toh battery chaljayegi

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