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How to animate and create a video out of a slide ✔

How to animate and create a video out of a slide ✔

Hello, and welcome. In this tutorial, I’d like to show you how you can animate such a slide, how you can go over the animation
to make a video out of it, and your final result
will be a 10 second video with this object animating nicely in. So, I will select everything
and see what I have. Okay, I have a line here,
text, text, and another line. I also have a background
and this is a vignette, this is a photograph, but we do not want to touch that. You could also go to Home, Select, and open up the Selection Pane
to see everything you have. I see the rectangle is the background, this is the image, so I only need to work
with those four things. Okay, if you have trouble selecting them, you can select them here. So first, those two lines, with the Control key, I
can select both lines, or I can select them here, and go to Animations and think
about my first animation. And if you don’t have any idea, you will never go wrong, of course, with Fade or Fly In, but you can go to Add Animation, More Entrance Effects, and you can preview the
effects on the actual object. Diamond, Fly In, no. This seems interesting, Checkerboard, but I also know that straight lines go very well along with Stripes. So, I’ll select Stripes here, and you see? We have a really nice
animation, like that. And I think I’ll stay with it. Now once I’m into Animations, I’ll go to my Animation Pane
to see what I have here. Of course, I want to right
click and select With Previews, so they both start automatically. Now, I’ll select the first one, and the first one should
go from left to bottom. So, I’ll go to my Effect Options, and go Right Down. Okay, like that, because I want the animation
to kind of follow such a flow. Now the text, then, and then this. Maybe the second line, as well, or the opposite direction, so it’s a bit more interesting. Okay, I’ll put it here, and I’ll put it a bit later because the second one will come later. Now the text. And I’ll show you a great trick here because the text can be
animated with the Fade option, with a fade animation, but
you can double click here, you can go to Effect, and something that not everyone
uses but is amazingly good, and it’s underused,
definitely, in PowerPoint, is to go to Animate Text, and instead of having ‘all at once’, like this object animating Fade In, you can have ‘by word’ or ‘by letter’. ‘By word’, the percent
delay between words, maybe let’s make it a bit less, like 5%, so the text will appear really quick, and this is the beautiful
animation that you get. Now, of course, you would need to make
this animation longer, so I’ll go right click, With Previews. I place them between the lines because I want this line to appear, then this text to fade in, and then, the last line to appear. And the Duration can
be about three seconds, maybe a bit delayed. Now, the Straight
Connector, as well delayed. Let us now preview the slide. Okay, a bit too slow. I don’t like it. Let’s make it less in
Duration, less in delay. Okay, the Delay can stay here. Okay, this starts to look okay. May even a bit less of the Duration. Sorry that I am tinkering
so much about the Duration. Now the text. The text could be as well animated, like a simple Fade In. Right click, With Previews. Put it here, put it later, so it will appear at the
end of this animation. Maybe I make it a bit longer. A bit earlier, or even here
in the Straight Connector, go a bit backwards. And this is about it when it comes to animating this object, this poster. The entire animation, as
you see here on the bottom, takes about three seconds. We can also count it to 75
and half a second of Duration makes it three and a quarter seconds. Okay, Play From. Okay, the Straight
Connector comes in too late, but basically, this is how the entire
design could look like. Let’s extend the Duration, and once you have that ready and you would like to
make a video out of it, a 10 second video, you go to Transitions, because you need to determine how long this slide should play on the screen. Instead of On Mouse
Click, I’ll select After, and I’ll select after 10 seconds. So, regardless of the animations, the animations will end in three seconds, and the slide will play for seven seconds to have a total of 10 seconds
before the video ends. So I’ll select File,
Export, Create a Video. I’ll select Create a
Video, I’ll export this, I’ll save this, and I’ll
show you the final result. 10 seconds long and perfect. Sorry, the screen is a bit too big. We have the animation, it plays through, and the entire video has 10 seconds, so it’s perfect for posting anywhere. This is how you can
approach animating a slide, creating a video out of it, and playing around with the timing.


if i want to create a presentation video, can i use powerpoint fully? or it need a lot of time..
just wondering..thank you so much

This is so simple and so nice. Thank you for this tutorial. I will create this. But I also want to add some more slides to it. Please make a tutorial how to keep the first slide static for some time and then fade to the next slide. Thank you so much once again. I am subscribing to learn more from you.

Thanks for sharing your experience! I was looking for this advice for a few days before I've found your video…)

Which version of PowerPoint is this? I want to do this exact same thing on my Mac version software. The software is Version 16 PowerPoint for Mac and when I go to File > Export there is no Export to Video option. Is this because I am on a Mac?

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