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How To Assemble Your Skateboard (or Die)

How To Assemble Your Skateboard (or Die)


I really really really want a skateboard from your company love your channel I subscribed to your channel keep up the good work Andy and Ryden!!!

My issue the first time ever was makingsure the tape was even, it had enough length, but the side was pushed a little which made it a little hard to cut one thin side and one long side, so it was a little uneven, but still in the end i had no bubbles and did good, but the grip tape could have been a little evener around the corners.

How expensive is all of this? I ride on a 100 dollar pre assembled complete but I am losing pop in my tail and I want a Revive skateboard.

So, today i had my second complete of all time, and while i was setting it up, i remembered Aaron saying that wheels graphic goes in, and i thought "but this spitfire graphic is sick" so i came to other vids and i found you sayin "is up to you" so thanks lol

Are you supposed to always put two bearings in one wheel? I’m new to this and I ordered some skate stuff so ya

an easier way to poke holes in the grip tape is too, grab a screwdriver and heat the tip up until it’s hot and just poke a hole from the bottom of the board since the heat from the screw driver will burn a hole right through

I want to start skating again I'm older and heavier and have big feet what size board should a guy who wears a size fourteen shoe get

on the razor blade thing: in like third grade i cut the tip of my finger off with a razor blade. it was a small piece, but skIN CAME OFF

Bones are hard to get in and hard to get out. But bones wheels are good wheels and slide good. I am skating spritfire right now.

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