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How to build a 100 ton Press for machining, broaching, punching and forming

How to build a 100 ton Press for machining, broaching, punching and forming

hey you guys are going to like this I just
used a machine die to punch a hexagon hole in steel I built this myself. And I’ll show you how to take inexpensive allen keys and snap on sockets to build a homemade 100 ton hydraulic Press The press cost 35 dollars to build. This is a how to youtube movie. stick around I’ll show you how you can do it yourself to weld and machine this press yourself. At home. together on a Saturday or Sunday morning
for the let the paint dry and you get into a lot
of force by just using be able all screws now these are 1 inch each national coarse a
8 TPI threads per inch. we can use this press to broach and punch metal. You can build tools to crush broken equipment. well-off better grade than that she’s
really good at the Home Depot and this is just one is playing through
drill one-inch and draw 7/8 in top so that when you turn the screw class
together Colleen us know leave you alone on the
inside and with Borough Hall in there so we can do
some pressing other than the IRS introduce
approaching what everyone and we got passing because I’ve gotta
Bridgeport milling machine here so If you are a tool and die maker, you can grind your own tools. to hold the to older and I also Dido rain a military man is on the
bottom to hold the bottom plate This project is amazing. I hope you build it using the plans for the hydraulic press. very good at kicking the priority that
offer same time now you stated in your mind and give support and while you’re close so
you’re not but get somebody else to hold your knee OA
closer I saw well let me be the brush strokes on ours
get into the nitty-gritty we started the peace I’m one is 5-6 ish Mossy Oak like our comfy sloppy that smoke I saw head farm uses it was
about to get it real follow well for prior move the body feel fre says Carlos rose
again show hey by matter to 1/8 mile steel plates and the vice here getting ganged up
we’re gonna Gangaram use in the stuff that grows on trees
would tubalcain its that’s got a little give so it
allows you to gain very low was a you won’t be able to do this I got my
special panel that isn’t a name singer Oxtoolco now I top and bottom plates pilot yr old
center Marc here for our magnet that i’m gonna box in there this
is the top place on earth route really is 21 H and the bottom plate I’m going to out on
top one its national course I’m at the
annual encounter an error 1 inch aunt because the annual kinder only cuts
the cuts are less like it’s not as hard on the old bridge for nasa as a quest wrong now well the bridge for on I want to stress
grown yeah no problem as a recommended I probably not I’m so is still sluggish Nike peace a used one and 80 60 you never know okay so we get the top plate all girl
with the annular cutter and you can see real nice holes bridgeport mill and drill 3/4″ holes in steel plate for the home workshop. Miller little pocket for and neodymium
magnet there on the top button okay it’s awfully online yeah nice show their likable of unfortunately I don’t have a sony Sony
liquor but when I do I was a brand-new clean mine twist drill so were in positive and German through
buses jerry can you give us a fighting chance before the I person I sixty its its the last reply donor she ever city yeah now okay that’s not gonna work we’re gonna
try anyway one ish bridgport milling machine how to do threading holes with rigid tapping and the bridge for a a a I’m a call it tonight go to sell a don’t know okay so rather be how lovers were here don’t yeah going to the overall breaking the
law by hand yeahh and being researched hey at least
it’s a transfer it only got all around eight times to you through this thing whole life I got it also other there now
I want to get us started are sure wasn’t gonna go although they
want to somehow got the 12-point and the forefront snap-on cratchit I seem to talk quite a bit better so I’m
not about a little nasty balls no big deal was gonna chapter these
holes I’m thinking it might be a good idea
lockdown now table gonna do this we’re going to use another
annular cutter on to install in the bottom plate the drive trip though allude to 100 percent over torque for ninety seconds but and that is a
beautiful to a troll compliments the annular
cutter and the old 10 Bridgeport alright so you’re a bottom plate marked
off here on the workbench how to stick weld. how to drill steel. and then put it in the mail and Milan so
the flat bottom core engine we’re going to a party. This is an awesome project, just like MAKE. Jesse James and Mythbusters use a press built from these plans. say we’re doing some I broaching or
whatever and the magnets to hold their support in
place so but also use because I got myself a new toy and we’re going to just are to drill a
South Koreans before we put it in the mail mail and previous
episode there it took my apartment in like the looks of it so I just went with
the brush Motorshow its a so far signed by the owner of at the koresh for flower in her oppositions with friend so we’re getting some disconcerting
classic locks here on this and no I clearly doesn’t like plunging soul were gonna go back to the drawing board
corner ensure that Diresta. sales now we’re gonna go ahead and no yes I saw a nicer our little four dollar
and Mail normally uses dark on five at two-part
five-minute party bus cold in here plan to give this a isocyanate blue try see how that first course a clean out the holes with my
favorite libation pretty clean I’ll mean they’re pretty her strongly
demanding Assad’s logo from both up heard getting them
apart now while we wait for that to church we
can you are well in I intended to well this up before I put the magnets and when I plum
forgot so you know well that up after a pic to my
so not think there should be too much heat sink in across here to ok really affect the magnitude but but
does oh well well as the one israeli rubber
use in I went to the Home Depot to price out
that greater Archie’s that they sell those radios and
for less money I went to fasten all and bought these for 15 bucks apiece in
these are all seven essentially create a now ball same
pretty close to the same kasi so about 220,000 pounds per square inch rated tensile a strong but consequently
because they’re strong their a bear to cut so I’ll just take
the cut take your time shuttle fish 10 for god sakes don’t
shoot the sparks a weird thing guess cash now alls we gotta do is clean cut and up
gotta just take that over the bench grinder de
verlo champ here well let’s have a look to see how the
Magnus you doing with this piece a cardboard over here to the on
protected from sparks and here’s a news flash: Aurea super
glue sticks fraying stainless what seems to be
working OK well of pack I’m gonna have blue all over it my
lecture unity right so I got the else even rod in here
into this coupling not and I’m cheating I have only half-filled the couple not has only got eighteen inches in this rod
many use a stick welder now this is high carbon a good choice would be stainless steel rod but yeah I’m I don’t
know I’m not so instead I’m using certainly eighteen 18 125 amps and the steak girl but there may be rethinking free trade
in their although chairman and you know what what she’ll
no creo que share your question well yeah location can okay she’ll zone if you
don’t get your truck K nothing like the sound of bacon fry
and in the morning Molly got the water going on just gonna
fix this little print this marker and I don’t want to protect my magnets and a way to do that is to occurred more
and ducted work don’t look into a pretty
blue lake when you schools well might not be doing well they’re
both well a man on a very large ship now look at us my master illusion you
wouldn’t even know that that’s cracks creature now for the guys in use machinery
business we completed the most critical part the pain another his house arms right we go home place in tackles in a good
way to do that is such issues and soapy water and spray it for you put that all on and then you’ll
be able to: position it who will see a gray whale
position and then when the soapy water dries will stick like normal
yes I we’re getting closer the QC the makings of a mere yeah ATPase paste lol but no bigger so I’m chasing a child or other threads
here with the one is bottoming tout which that’s the
only time I had my so much to for the whole and then we’re gonna go
ahead and liberty that’s rather odd dilute like to use open gear grease hi high
pressure on black Mauli but I ever since the Floyd coach to bacha love bought three have been allowed to have an in-house
actually contraband up get in trouble if its own here so on
said we’re going to use copper never sees c’mere liberally with never cease but you got a better job they ever wonder why the brush never
reaches the bottom well ask as a way to buy more other
stuff the box well I found a workaround hack Kansas Murnau ideal of a so we get all
four of us threatening I this one’s a little tight were bottle
on one of i think that paints a little thicker some but we’re going to go ahead and him
being in this whole well class apart you get a little more frequent so I think
we’re getting close she actually a pretty tight way it was
through an all I Anoka some banks just a you can tell it gets to the plastic care heels i think is way easier realizes ass as a slug there’s a nice extol I’ve awesome now the proof is in the
pudding well screw you work so hard to as eight-millimeter fancy European steel
straight from San be constrained and punched through seventy millimeter
hacks like a hot them the network mind you but the considering
I paid $36 dollars for the threaded rods and everything
else was scrap a pretty happy with us


Having a hard time finding 1" rods. How many tons would it press if I used 3/4"?
I could Google it but you are way smarter and easier than my researching abilities

Would it be an idea to put gears on the rods and make the 4 rods syncronized from one screw, perhaps also geared down and perhaps put an engine on it? Would be a neat project…

Not really a 100 ton press. The thread rods have in total a tensile strength over 100 ton, but will yield at aprox 75 ton. If not for one time use, it is corretly a 75 ton press.
With a safety factor set at 2, witch is low for a press, it is really less than a 40 ton press 😉

Ya know, being hearing impaired I keep the Closed Captions on in case I miss something, fortunately you speak well and loud enough for me to understand what you are saying because the CC for this video makes you look like you are drunk and horny. You should watch it with CC, funny as Hell. As to the press-I was all interested until I saw you need actual tools. I doubt either my B&D drill or Bit and Brace hand drill and hacksaw is gonna cut it. Guess I have to stick with the boards and cement blocks I have to use.

I became very frightened at 04:35.
it reminded me of a nightmare I had once involving a French Woman and an octopus… no more cheese for me before bedtime!

I think I may be caught in some weird time warp. Or was it a dream. I'm foggy. It was like an upstairs sewing room. There was the bartender robot and I see like a pink blooming onion within the torso. There was a man sitting at perhaps a drafting table in the upper right of the screen. Was it a dream?

You need a ratcheting planetary gear drive system a top that puppy that will drive All bolts at the same time off of one input.

if I ever lose my hearing ill never be able to watch your channel, I decided to watch is at when I was bored at work and the closed captions compared to what your actually saying is pretty funny but totally nonsensical.

You know what would be kick ass on that press..
You need to get like 4 beefy small diameter chain sprockets and weld them to the tops of the 4 threaded rods and wrap a stout chain around it and master link it up, then you would only have to tighten one screw and she would creep down nice and chooch 👍
You would just need to run a thin steel spreader (like 1/4" plate) just under the sprockets so the rods behave.

If, by if i mean if you take a worm and pinion gearbox and a bigass solid gear in betwixt those nuts in order to spin those nuts that would also have gears facing the center one on each you could potentially spin all four bolts at the same rate hence gaining equal tightening hence equal force on all four bolts at the same time while on the same time excreting less force on your self. If that makes sense?

Man this vijeo is getting on in age. But I was thinking howwell Little Screwy would work if all of the threaded rods were simultaneously controlled by an attached gear reduction hand crank??

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