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How to Build a Skateboard : Build a Skateboard: Attach Wheels to Trucks

How to Build a Skateboard : Build a Skateboard: Attach Wheels to Trucks

The next step, is applying your wheels to
your trucks. Factory trucks normally come a little bit tighter, so you should have your
skate tool handy, to start it off a little bit. Just undo your bolt. On each axle of
each truck, there’s two washers. You need your washers for your wheels. They’ll help
your board spin a little bit more properly, and make your wheels a little bit better.
You always want to find the first washer, and put your wheel on top of that one. Then,
the second one, and then add the bolt on top. I normally just hand screw it a little bit.
Then, get the tool, line it up, and you don’t want to push too hard, because you can mess
the bearing up, and you tighten it until it starts to feel a little bit tight, and then
you might want to go one half spin back. When it’s too tight, I’ll show you when it’s too
tight. If you put your bolt on your truck too tight, it will cause your wheel not to
spin correctly, so you want it a little bit less than tight, which causes it to spin perfectly,
and that’s the way you want your trucks and your wheels to correspond, so here I’ve taken
the bolt off the axle again. I’m removing one washer, finding the wheel with the bearing
inside, sliding it on the axle, topping off with the washer, finding the bolt. Hand screw
it, finding your tool, fully tightening it, until it feels a little bit of stress on it.
Then, you want to go about one half spin back, so you want about this much room. It’s all
preference, but this is the way I skate my trucks, like this, so it spins really well,
like that.


How do you drill a solid deck for trucks? Came up on a handmade board on craigslist and now i'm like wtf. I was thinking about putting the trucks on and getting a laser level and trying to use the trucks themselves as a guide to drill, probably from bottom up but idk.

Dudes. The nut goes on the bolt, which goes through the deck and the trucks. Washers are for the outside of your two bearings per wheel. how the fuck do i drill a deck.

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