How to Buy Invisible Furniture

it is a magic treasure David Bonfadini
and today i am going to try to buy the invisible chair well so how much is like
this whole setup here with like the couch right I’m not sure actually and
this is nice okay and then how much is this this is 7 7 XL
is way too high that’s not bad at all so I could get this and that and then how
much for this I was this so note that I want to buy this that’s okay yeah can i
but you can buy it but that crazy high so he said that I can buy it I can buy
the chair will you help me take it to my car this chair
what and that crazy he said anything’s for sale this are you kidding me
that’s perfect no this yeah yeah no it’s really sweet like all you have to do is
just really relaxing and it’s really like comforting and I love it
I’ll take it I’ll take it yeah will you help me wrap it up you want to try it
right now can you help me lift it to people yeah come on hit it
so yeah you picked the back I’ll pick this right here and you just help me
lift it careful yeah yeah yeah no careful and then we’re going to go over
here my trucks over here that’s perfect thank you very much so careful awesome
that was the video thank you so much for checking it out be sure to hit that like
button turn on your notifications I’m asking
all of you to please share this video it’s not about the views it’s about the
awareness and the message behind cheap fold sheets fold is the place where I
actually filmed it it is a refill boutique it is a safe haven to its quick
in children suffering from homelessness and abuse and their full statement the
whole purpose is to get them back on their feet by themselves so they don’t
feel like they have to go back to their abuser and that’s something that I can
stand behind you want to know more go check them out wwsz folders

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