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How to change mph to kmph in Whizzy Ride electric bike

How to change mph to kmph in Whizzy Ride electric bike

hello Easyriders in this video I will show you how to change miles per hour to kilometer per hour if you want to switch miles to kilometers you need to press both of these buttons together for a few seconds now you have program options by pressing the right bottom you change the programs there are a couple of them but please don’t change anything over here by yourself go to po2 and by pressing the left button as you can see you can change it to miles or kilometers Celsius or Fahrenheit let’s change it to kilometers you accept wait a few seconds and the bike will go back to the primary display position now [Applause] information in kilometres let’s check it in miles [Applause] with the radiators thank you for watching please leave your opinions your comments on our YouTube Instagram and official Facebook with right profiles have a good day and take it easy

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