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How To Change Your GT Street to GT All Terrain || Evolve Skateboards

How To Change Your GT Street to GT All Terrain || Evolve Skateboards

hey guys Nick from all skateboards here today we’re going to be showing you how to convert your GT street kid to an all train using our above all-terrain conversion kit for the GTS we open it up we have our two drive belts to drive gears and about four complete hub assemblies without barrows and we have our packet shove your wheel bearings your belt covers drive gear bearings your assorted washes spaces and nuts for this the tools you’re going to need are these two allen keys out of your evolved tool kit if you have a carbon board you’re going to want the two and a half mil allen key which is this little one here that’ll undo the battery case screws for the carbon if you have a bamboo board you’re going to want this allen key which has a 1/8 allen key bit on the end of it alternatively you can use a drill with a 1/8 bit if you have a bamboo or a drill with a two and a half mil allen key bit if you have the carbon so the parts required for doing a rear drive setup for the all train we’ve got our wheel cover drive gear bearing our wheel bearings the spacer for the wheel bearings axle nut two small black washers one large silver washer a drive gear and our drive belt so now we need to put the bearings into the wheel hub first what we want to do is just use a little bit of lithium base grease just to lubricate the hubs this will prevent any noise from any slight movement from the bearings when you’re cornering so now to install the bearings into the hubs the easiest way is to install the bearing sequence on the rear axle like this take your hub push the first bearing in on one side flip the hub over and push the second one in and take it off you’ve got both bearings installed nice and cleanly in the spacer in the middle so now we’re going to store our drive assemblies so our next step is to install a drive gear bearing into the drive gear some of them might be a little bit tight picking and press it in further once it’s on the axle so before we install anything we need to loosen off the motor bolts so that we can slide the motor out of the way and fit our a to drive gear on so those worsen we can move the motor first we need to install our large silver washer I guess down the bottom and we can install our 80 drive gear followed by the 80 drive belt temporary fit now next we install a small black washer followed by the wheel assembly and we have the second small back washer on the outside followed by the axle nut and we can tighten that using our T tool okay now that we’re this age we can set our belt tension by adjusting the motor position so one thumb on the outside of the motor plate two fingers on the inside of the motor we can pull the motor out to get a nice – firm fit on the belt and tighten about three outer motor bolts now to tighten the fourth mobile we do need to remove the wheel and drive gear remove your wheel nut seperate the wheel in the drive gear making sure you don’t lose a small black washer and remove the drive gear and the belt now we have access to the inside bolt we can tighten it be sure not to over tighten any of the bolts as they can squash the alloy in the motor pipe so next step is to install our drive gear first we need to make sure we have our large silver washer on the inside followed by the drive gear in the drive belt then we can install our belt cover using our two and a half mil allen key install the belt couple screws tighten with light pressure now we can store our wheel assembly ensuring that it has a small black wash art first followed by the wheel another small black wash on the outside followed by the wheel nut and tight in the whole assembly that’s fan install the front wheel let’s have a small white Porsche will assembly you add a small washer and it will not so now you can flip the board over supporting it again and repeat the same process for the other side so now we have our other drive wheel assembly all fit it up we’re at the point where a tension in this belt and we want to keep this belt tension about the same as the other side so same process of holding the motor out to get the tension we’re tighten up these outer three bolts however before you remove the wheel and fit the drive belt cover we get our remote run a gear and make sure they stop without even which they are that tensions right once we confirm the tensions are good we can remove that drive wheel and tighten up on a bolt for the motor again when you’re installing your drive gear make sure your large silver washer is on first Bell cover on now I will now we’ve installed a front wheel ensure you have the small black water on the inside by by the wheel assembly small black washer on the outside and a wheel done let’s say I take it [Music]


Thanks for all the "How to videos" 🙂
Can you please make one on changing Grip on the Carbon GT.
Also how to put on a new grip sheet please.

How about balancing the wheels from factory for the price commanded evolve. If you dont balance the all terrain wheels a smooth surface feels like ur offroading and seriously compromises handling.

Only the problem with my 97mm wheel is that even if something is wrong I can't take my wheels off,the back wheels (I have bamboo gt 97mm wheel st setup) whenever I try to take my back wheel off It's like its hot glued to the belt  gear or something it won't come off the axel or axis whatever we call it… so I'm really pissed the fact that I have no allen wrench and the fact that I tried telling evolve that I wanna send in for repair the motor has been making hissing scratching noise and I have no idea why and even If I did I have no way to know because the wheel won't come off the god damn axis …I've been telling Brandon and Adam from Evolve for like 2 months now I believe that my board has been making weird noise and all they do is linking me back to one of these how to series which I probably have seen like uhmm. 2 dozen times already !God…. I love evolve and it is my favorite board but come on…. you can do better customer service than that ? I mean Boosted might suck in range and power and everything… but they do actually have decent customer service I don't know if they are good but they are good if they are accepting people's complain and actually asking customers to send their board in free and fixing their boards … I don't know…I feel like I'm left out from Evolve :/ I love evolve please… help me

hey one of the screws to losen up the moter to be able to adjust the belt wont move itself (seems like its borken), has someone any idea what I can do

Hello Evolve. I do love the board and I like your videos as well. I am having a hard time finding the wheel setting selection when switching between wheel sizes. I know where it is on the remote but is there a chart you can point me to for mm and teeth? Maybe you can add to the end of the video as well and then this video would have everything needed for wheel change and setup. Thanks.

Do I need to grease the drive gear bearing as well ? And if needed how would I get it out to replace it if needed

Great guide. You mention if one wheel stops before the other to adjust the tension. It would be good to mention how to balance and adjust.

Little question guys

Whas looking at the video great guide btw 👍🏻

One thing i saw the the rotating directions on the rear tires where opostite to the front

With way should i put them on originaly ??

I really like the look of these, plan on buying the bamboo gt 2 in 1 in November for my birthday, how big are those motors though? are they 5055 or 6374?

I love this video because it helped the couple of first times swapping the wheels. Video tutorials are so much more easier to use than reading manuals. I have a carbon gt and love it. I would not ride any other board because it is the only real option on the market that is powerful and has the all terrain wheels as well as the street wheels. I am looking forward to see how Evolves boards will….,well,…evolve.

good video , question : i have a GTX and just put my all terrain wheels on, ho do i know if i put the belt on to tight? whats the air pressure supposed to be at? i only have it at 40psi because i don't wanna pop em. the wheels don't stop at the same time like u said but they stop about the same as yours do in the video. and last what setting do i change the wheel size too on the controller?

is there a conversion kit for the 107's that comes with everything you need like this AT kit? The AT kit costs $200 for everything (I think), but you have to buy the 107 wheels at $159.99 and a gear plus belt kit (that's currently sold out in the US) for $94.99. A total of $254.98 before shipping.

This is my favourite video on the channel, because ya think you're gonna just learn a bit of wheel swappage because you just got your new setup and boom! By the end you know how to tweak and tune both setups the whole bloody way! Belt tension? Sorted. Washer and bearing positions? Ya done. That little trick about getting the bearings out on the truck? Show your dad that one, and he's gonna be bloody proud. His son can finally operate a tool that isn't an IKEA hex. Maybe he's not a complete waste. This video reunited me with my father.

Very good ……but I find it a-lot easier and faster if you tighten the screws as you adjust the motor and tighten belt at the same. And you don’t need to have the wheels on the gear when adjusting and tightening…….just put on the wheels after you’ve tightened everything first.

Don’t you then need to then calibrate the controller display for the new size diameter wheel? (eg: 80mm – 97mm wheel)

2:16 – Is there any chance to REMOVE these bearings again after lots of rides? What's the best technique to do so? Mine are totally stucked, can't remove them again for cleaning 😳

Hey I just bought the AT conversion kit those silver spacers aren’t in those capsules I’m confused on what to do??

Why don't you guys make smaller drive gears for the AT wheels??? I want comfort and range. Don't need all that torque for riding around the streets.

How about a small hole in the drive gear that could allow you to tighten the 4th motor mount bolt without removing the gear?

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