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How to Choose a Surfboard : Tips for Choosing Short Board Surfboard

How to Choose a Surfboard : Tips for Choosing Short Board Surfboard

BRIAN FIELDS: Hey how’s it going, I’m Brian
Fields here at the Aussie Island in Wilmington North Carolina. We’re here on behalf of Expert
Village. I’m here to talk to you about picking out a surfboard and what you can do to help
take care of it in the meantime. Okay now we’re talking about shortboards. Shortboard
is kinda–I guess what a lot of people think of is your stereotypical surfboard. The key
here with shortboard is it’s not going to be like talking about fish, it’s not going
to be quite as wide as a fish board. Shortboard pretty much always has a pointier nose to
it and it’s not going to hold near the volume, not as much foam as any of your other boards
from fish to a fun board to a longboard. You have different tails, you can have squashtails,
swallowtail, pin tail, fan tail different things like that but your shortboard is more
of your maneuverable board, your board that a lot of people who are trying to get into
tricks things like that are going to be doing, lightweight surfboard that’s very maneuverable,
getting down the line. Depending on the size of the wave will depend on the size you–size
of a shortboard you ride. Also it depends on the build, the weight of the person will
depend. Shortboard can you know–it all starts with how small you are. A bigger guy of course
is going to ride a bigger shortboard and they have boards for all sizes of people no matter
how big you are or how small.


Hi everybody! i need help
i want another shortboard…what's the right size for me?
I'm 6'0'' and weight about 154 pounds
Usually I ride from 3" to 5" of waves and I consider myself an intermediate surfer
any suggestion?

As an intermediate surfer You should have the luxury of being able to ride boards that most people say are to small for you as well as larger boards. 154lb person no matter what height can ride anything from a 5'9 on up. Really depends on the power of the surf you are in and how agressive you like to surf. If you are more laid back then pick a larger board if more aggressive then go shorter.

i dont think you should go under six ft. maybe 6 4 depending on how thick it is, you can get a 6 2 if its a bit wider. i ride a 6 6 because i got it thin and its faster on bigger waves, i can still easily do turns and everything i want with it, i could of got a 6 2 as well but its personal preference

try riding ur friends boards because that willgive u an indication on what u need

probably better to get a mini mal, much faster to learn on and then you can move onto a short board later

i'm 146 lbs, and 6 foot and im just transitioning from a longboard to a shortboard but i dont know the dimmensions i should get the shortboard in. can anyone help me on that?

@abginga10 it is a preference in style and ability. just look up joel tudor for an example of long board style and look up taj burrow for shortboard. you will quickly see the difference.

hi, i've been surfing for 1-2 nonths and i know all the basics and some easy tricks would be suitable for me a shortboard,a funboard or a fish?

I live in Wilmington and I just started to get into surfing I don't currently have a good surfboard but I'm 5'3 and about 107 pounds which surfboard would be good for me

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