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How often do you skate? Alright – my name is the Ricardo Lino and I’m a wheel addict today I’m going to show you how to choose the right size for your skates and to choose the right size for your skates There’s three things that you need to have in consideration the first thing is What type of skates are you going to skate with? It is the inline skate or A roller skate as you can see in this skate that got in my hand if you have an inline skate you’d really need to have a tight fit Why? well as you can see there’s only one little line Which is going to be touching the floor if your skate is not snug enough You want a stability enough specially if you’re going to be skating with the taller frame like this one when it comes to Roller skate? Check this out the the base touching the floor is a lot wider and With a wider base like these you’ll have a lot more stability of course then you can control the stability by having your trucks a little bit tighter and There’s different types of foods like these boot is like a plastic shell and all those things But you just need to have in mind on Roller skates You can have a bigger size but on an inline skate that will not work on inline case usually you want to have something that Fits you something that you feel snug, and you feel Supportive enough then there’s another thing if you want to have supportive skate that you should know it is also managed that is The age of the person is in this case what I mean by ages if we have a kid buying a skate and If we want to snug feet what do we need to do? Well? You should know that most of the resin all day they make Adjustable size skate, how do you do that? Well most of them? They just have like a little push button here on the side, and then you click that push button. They just get longer or shorter This one goes from the sides Take it from a 33 to a 36 European size But it’s just something that you should know basically if you mind skate for a kid you still want this case to be Next to their feet so the best option It’s going to an adjustable size skate, so then you can adjust it to their size And they’ll still have that snug feeling that you need like I told you before our named landscapes to have that Feel like that support is feeling that you need one less thing Which is really important when you’re choosing scape and you want to have this case the right size And that is how often do you skate? If you got a skate every day You know that you’re going to break into the skate a lot faster what I mean by break into the skate means The skate will adapt to your food and most of those skates nowadays And you can see this one this one says each model which means that it can put the liner in the oven For five minutes has 100 degrees and then you type the skate And then these will adapt to your food most of the skates just by itself the deforms on the boots They tend to adjust your food that’s what I mean by breaking into the skates of course if you’re going to skate once in a month this will take a lot longer and your first skate experiences if your skate doesn’t feel really good out of the box are not going to be as Good as you wish they would be so if you are going to buy a skate And if you use you’re planning on skating every now and then and the best would be by going to a shop you go to A shop you try few skates And you buy the one that feels the best that’s obvious right most of the people that skate every day they know the skates around they kind of tested them you can always go to the website for the brands and they usually have a Size chart if you don’t know the size of your skate You can just get a ruler just measure your insole of your shoes of the shoes that you use every day and then if you go to a shop you can just measure the insole then you have like an Idea of what skates you should get or if you measure install you can also go to the size chart on the the brand? Website and then just compare it There’s one less thing if you really want some skate, but you don’t really know your size You always have another option like this, which is the duplicate you use them with your own shoes I don’t think you’re going to go wrong with this one So that’s the easy seat if you don’t know what what size to go? But you have a lot of shoes that fit you right, so this could be an option and that’s it. I hope this was helpful I have someone calling me right now so I need to end up these right now, so Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel if you like these one give it a thumbs up give me a second See you later cheers. Hello Yes, it’s Ricardo. I can’t help you will be


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