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How to Customize a Skateboard : How to Choose Skateboard Grip Tape

How to Customize a Skateboard : How to Choose Skateboard Grip Tape

Grip tape, it may seem like an easy thing
to pick out, but what you’re going to want to do, is find grip tape that is grippy, but
isn’t too thick with grit, so that it wears out your shoes, or sticks to your feet too
much. So you’re going to want to find that mid- grade somewhere, that works well for
street skating, with flipping the board and being able to ollie. So when looking for grip
tape, usually a skate shop will carry a roll of grip, that’s some kind of a generic brand
of grip tape. Now, you just want to make sure that it’s good, so ask the shop if they recommend
it. And you’ll also find that sometimes shops carry sheets of pre-cut grip tape, sometimes
with a die- cut logo, of the skate shop put into it, like this FTC logo here. So when
you get your grip tape, you want to make sure that you get enough grip tape to cover the
entire length of the skateboard. There’s nothing worse than putting grip on a board, and having
it be a little too short of the length, and not cover the entire thing. You’re also going
to want to make sure that you grip the skateboard, before you put your bolts on, because you
want the bolts to go through the grip tape, and you don’t want to cover the bolts, with
the grip tape. Now, some people decide to cut out the middle of their grip tape, and
show a graphic on the top of the board. This board in particular, doesn’t have a graphic
on it, but sometimes you’ll find that there’s a graphic on the top. Now, this sometimes
does not work well, because if you cut your grip tape out, there will be a spot that will
slide a little faster. Your shoe against wood is not as sticky of course, as your shoe against
grip tape. So the best policy is to usually get a piece of grip tape that fits the entire
top of the board, and covers the entire board, maybe except for a small logo, and this way,
there’s no spots on the board that can slide or act up, and this is how you pick out the
proper grip tape.


they dont need the money to buy shoes they get given them for free by their sponsor lol aswell as the money, lucky bastards

wtf? its not just griptape its the design of which the grittyness of the paper on your board with wheels may indure the flip if the action of a shoe across the grip which makes a treflip 😀

i like expert village but they always make point less vids that teach you how to do stuff that's obvious


Mob is way overrated and it fucks your shoes. Jessup is normal grippy and your shoes will last longer. Jessup is best

aw fuck
at the skate shop the owner said that black magic wont wear out your shoes very quick
now my new shoes are gonna have holes in them

i like mob because it is really grippy and wears your shoes at first but then it wears down to about black magic level and doesn't wear your shoe. black magic doesn't wear but it does mess your shoes up.

i mostly go mob, but i really dont care wat griptape people use there just grip tape rite 😀 lol. and i tried jessup also and its just like mob but its kinda shinny to me lol

hahahaha i feel left out cuz everyone here skates mob jessup or black magic. i have Flik grip tape haha.

a cuple weeks ago ago i got a complete for my birhtday and they gave me iron horse i didnt askk they just put it b .. is iron horse good ?

Ive used black magic and thats good but i wanna try MOB and Jesup cuz if eather of those is better than black magic, ill go crazy over grip

@SpotTheSteez XD yeah but happened faster that what i expected 😉 anywaysi guess thats what happens when you're a begginer

@UcantStopSYNE not always, i bought some orange enjoi grip and it wasnt sticking so they said we dont recommend this anyway, and then then stopped selling it, and gave me some free blueprint grip 😀

Grizzly vs Mob vs jessup vs black magic? Which of these is all around the best for street skating and doing flip tricks????

God dammit I hate when my brother uses my account I have never even used Grizzly I always use Jessup its the shit.

Has anyone tried Duckle Grip? I want to get some because they say that it doesn't mess up you're shoes, but I'm wondering if its really really grippy. 

it is actually better having thicker grip. sure it will wear out your shoes but i have mob griptape andit works well

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