How to Cut & Apply a Grip Tape Design | Custom Skateboard

The other thing too is sometimes boards already
have graphics on the top sheet. Sometimes you wanna expose them. If, I know, like, a lot of Powell boards,
we used to leave out a circle in the grip, so you would wanna strategically place that
as well. On our boards, we do a bit of a cutout here
and you can show the different logos through here by using the edge of the grip here on
this side and the edge of the grip from the other side to match up to either side here. I’m gonna go ahead and show you an example
and apply that example to a skateboard. So, real quick, the other thing I really recommend
is brand new razor blades, exacto knives, or cheap scissors. I like the razor blade. You get a nice grip on it, and what you wanna
do is pull towards you to get a better cut, and we’re just gonna go ahead here and, you
don’t have to be exact with these crazy lines. What you wanna be is consistent with the pull
of the razor blade, that you have a clean cut. And always go back over, don’t try to pull
it apart. You can just gently cut into where it just,
there you go, perfect. And now what you have here is a bit of a wave,
that you would have the wood in between here. Let me, before we apply this to a board, let
me real quick show another example so that we can all have ’em on the same board and
show the different options of grip here. So on the other side here instead of the squiggle
line, we can go with a more of a jagged look. And like I said, you don’t need to follow
these lines if it’s kind of a loose look you’re going for. If you are doing a detailed image, of course
need to follow the lines, but here we’re just what we would call free-styling it. And there’s the, say like, mountains to ocean. Let’s see how this looks on the grip. I’ll show you guys how to apply it to a board. There we go. And just go ahead and unpeel. This is going to go to the back of the board,
to the tail. And then go ahead and what we wanna do is
just line up this and as much space as you wanna leave for the wood to show. You can pull it apart further, you can leave
more space, make it super tight, however you wanna make the look. Let’s go ahead and peel this apart, that off
to side, and boom. Left about a quarter of an inch gap going
across, show a little of the wood off. And then the same thing with this piece here. Just gonna go in here and you have your cut-out
grip custom job.

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