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How to Deal with an Annoying Younger Sibling

How to Deal with an Annoying Younger Sibling

How to Deal with an Annoying Younger Sibling. Do you sometimes wish you were an only child? Yeah, so does your irritating little brother
or sister. You will need Imagination Self-control and
a little kindness. Step 1. Figure out exactly what your little brother
or sister does that annoys you, then come up with a plan. If your sibling always messes with your stuff,
ask your parents if you can keep your bedroom door locked when you’re out. Don’t be mean. Your younger sibling looks up to you, so set
a good example (even if you feel like yelling!). Step 2. Try ignoring the little pest. Many times, younger siblings do annoying things
for attention. If you ignore the bad behavior long enough,
he’ll eventually give up. Ignoring doesn’t mean putting your hands over
your ears and yelling, “La, la, la—I can’t hear you.” Remember, negative attention is still attention. Step 3. Make a deal. Say something like, “If you give me some
space while my friends are here, we can play your favorite board game after they leave.” If your sibling is pestering you out of boredom,
try suggesting a fun solo project, like asking him to draw you some pictures. Step 4. If all your little bro or sis is really guilty
of is wanting to play with you, give in once in a while. It will mean more than you think. Step 5. When all else fails, get help from mom or
dad. Don’t tattle—just ask for a suggestion on
how to get the little twerp out of your hair for a while. Did you know From 1986 to 2006, the number
of American families with only one child doubled.


1: they give you an evil sinister smile / smirk
2:your brother bothers you
3: you tell your brother to stop
4: your brother cry’s
5: you get in trouble by your parents
6: they make up lies to get you in trouble for no reason
7: you get in really bad trouble
8: you get the belt
9: your brother gets away with his troubles
10: your brother comes into your dads belt room and then you brother opens your dads belt room
11: your brother gives you a evil smirk when your getting whooped
12: you hear your brother laughing joyfully
13: your face gets all red and mad and you end up frowning every time you see your brother

So… to stop my brother annoying me I just need to do nothing and let him annoy me then he will eventually stop? 😑

step 1. get a shovel
step 2. learn batting practice
step3 dig a hole
step 4. get bleech
step 5. make a time capsule
step 6. dig it up

ҡɨʟʟ ʍɛ քʟʐ ʍʏ ʟɨttʟɛ sɨstɛʀ ɨs sʟօաɨռɢ ʍaҡɛɨռɢ ʍɛ աaռռa ҡɨʟʟ ʍʏsɛʟʄ ɢօɖ sɦɛ աɨռɛs aɮօʊt ɛʋɛʀʏtɦɨռɢ

Sadly, my room door doesn’t have a lock. And my younger sister is always begging to play with my stuff. By the way I’m the oldest brother and it’s really hard.

Frimkin lucky people who don’t have siblings you may wish you had one but boye o boye you don’t realize

I spent the night at my Friends house so My little sister slept in my bed.
She spilt popcorn all over the bed and didn’t pick it up I got mad then I GOT IN TROUBLE
it’s not just that

My brother makes annoying noises i tell him to stop nicely many times and he doesnt and finnaly blow and scream at him and my parets always take his side and do nothing about his noises

never being kind to my sis their trying to get me in trouble for not listening to her shes even coming to me and punching or kicking me and even if i fight back or not they say i hit them and I always get in trouble

you didnt mention duct tape.. probly the best invention known to man when it comes to dealing with annoying lil poophead brothers (i dont have any i was the one ducttaped and i can assure you.. it holds well lol)

When I was the only child my mom said that she was going to get her tubes tied and wasn't going to have no more kids and then I said no I just want one more sibling and then she said okay and now everyday I look back on that day and I will say I wish I didn't say nothing I so regret saying that why did I say that she annoys me everyday she gets me in trouble for things that she do she gets all the attention she always want me to play with her and she always want to wear my clothes and when she wear my clothes she pees in them because my parents I just let her wear it she wants to be just like you yeah that's what parents say but they're really just trying to annoy you

Me: bes nice to younger sister
Sister that doesnt like you: NO
Parents: why are you guys yelling
Baby Sister: he is being mean
Parents: tell me to be nice
Me: I didnt do anything
Parents: dont talk back
Me:But I-
Parents:Stop argueing with a 4 yr old and us

Younger siblings are a curse to the older ones like tf why do we get all the blame and they don't I think ma parents r somewhat brainwashed by them what ever happens they say it me like frr… And when my siblings do something all ma parents say is that it happened cuz of u cuz ur olderr omg I'm so tired of this…
I told ma mom once tht it's not ma fault I was born before them 😕.. I'm so depressed like I just wanna cry in pain all day and then who cares about me in ma family no one they just call me when they need someone to blame

What do I do in this situation?
My sister gets out a bunch of stuff I tell her to clean it up, she tells on me and my dad gets mad at me. Then I clean it all up and she does it again. I ask her to do some dishes and she doesn’t. Tells on me you know the rest. Then eventually they tell her to help me clean out the dishwasher, so naturally she punches me. She’s 9 by the way. Then she tells on me for saying something to my parents and my dad yells at me for fighting with her.

Tbh I'm an only child and my little cousins are coming over for a week- they're super energetic and loud (even though I love them) and since I'm a first-timer in dealing with young kids since I'm an only child I don't know how to survive hehe

has his steps I can't do I can only do at my dad's house but not at my mom's house I only get internet at my mom's house. My mom's house I barely go to my dad's house

This doesnt solve any of my problems my sister takes my pencil from me ok ill get another pencil next she comes up to me and takes my ncil and for other stuff also this wideo won't solve my problem i asked my parents they said Shes jusst a little kid

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