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How to do a Boardslide on a Skateboard : How to Do a Boardslide on a Skateboard

How to do a Boardslide on a Skateboard : How to Do a Boardslide on a Skateboard

This is Kyle Hovercamp in Skatechurch in Portland,
Or on behalf of Expert Village this is a tutorial on how to do a boardslide on your skateboard.
In this clip I’m going to show you how to put it all together so we already talked about
where to have your feet and approaching the object to where your going to do the boardslide
on. So your approaching it off your ollie turn 90 degrees get onto the object and we
talked about sliding it and then popping out early or waiting to the end and riding off.
All of this is all one foot motion it goes by pretty quick so you can’t really concentrate
on each part of the boardslide individually so you just have to commit and go for it practice
it a lot. If you mess up on the ollie when your trying to get on the boardslide practice
your ollie’s onto it if you mess up on sliding practice your balance or if you mess up trying
to get off of the rail and object just practice getting off. Practice doing backside and frontside
boardslides and practice it to where your landing at, at almost every try.


lol dont forguet to turne your sholders went you get on it wen i first starte to board slide i have just turne my head i have problem with my neck for a week i dont know what thats problem call in english lol thats my point XD

it is very easy to front boardslide but not so much backwards boardslide because i can never tell wen im getting off the rail so i land sideways and fall.

@9bobodog try opening your shoulders parrallel with the rail and look over your shoulder. this way u can see where ur going and if you fall off early u wont fall backwards onto the rail haha

@KillerRadar dont lean so much back. try to get your wheight in your feet. so u have balance. put both your feet on spikes so u have alot of balance. thats the best way to not fall backwards xD
(sry for my bad english,:P)

I can get on a rail and slide perfect but I can't get off, I've tried it two hundred times and still cant get off right..any tips?

And you need to get your spelling back. Did you hit your head when you wiped out? Maybe you need an M.R.I. lol jk

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