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How to do a Boardslide on a Skateboard : What Is a Boardslide?

How to do a Boardslide on a Skateboard : What Is a Boardslide?

This is Kyle Hovercamp in Skatechurch in Portland,
Or on behalf of Expert Village this is a tutorial on how to do a skateslide on your skateboard.
In this chip I’m going to show you how to identify a boardslide on your skateboard a
boardslide is when your on top of an object with your skateboard and your sliding in the
middle of your board. Let me show you what that is. You have 3 different sections of
your board where you can do slides there’s the nose where you do nose slides, the tail
where you do tail slides, and in the middle of the board between your 2 trunks is where
you do boardslides and lipslides. What the boardslide is going to look like is when your
approaching the flatslide you pop your board get your front trunk over the rail and in
the center of your board on the rail slide you can pop out really right off to the rail.
The difference between the front side and backside boardslide all depends if the rails
in the front of you like it’s in front of my right now or it’s behind you. It doesn’t
matter if when your sliding your facing front ways or backways so if I’ve gotten to the
rail this way it would be a frontside boardslide because the rail was in front of me before
I popped my trick before I got onto the rail.


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