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How to do a MOHAWK TURN in Figure Skating

How to do a MOHAWK TURN in Figure Skating

hey guys it’s Mary welcome back to my
channel today we’ll be working on forward mohawks hope you guys are ready for this
one we will be working on inside Mohawks
where we start off from an inside edge and end on an inside edge first off we
want to make sure we have strong inside edges just practice one edge at a time
for Mohawks we are going to think about placing our weight on the backs of the
blades Mohawks are bit tricky so I have a good exercise for you guys this
is my Penguin waddle exercise we’re going to go back and forth on our inside
edges it is pretty awkward but it’s going to teach us how to open our hips
and quickly transfer back and forth on those inside edges let’s put all together and try our
forward inside mohawk remember just like 3 turns T position with our feet and
with our arms with our feet we’re gonna bring our free
leg through to the instep of our skating foot and slowly transfer to
the opposite side just like the three turn I concentrate on turning at the top of my
circle with my circle arms I’m going to look where I’m turning and also when I switch
feet focus on pressing that arm back for forward Mohawks we’re gonna start off on
a strong forward inside edge and we’re gonna step backwards with with a strong back inside edge
so when you’re stepping think about stepping with your heel facing back let’s
review some common mistakes on the inside mohawks one thing is stepping too
wide you want to think about having our feet right next to each other like a t position we don’t want to step wide like this another common mistake is
not staying on solid inside edges really focus and practice on doing it on a slight curve so you’re always on the strong outside edge I don’t want to see
any outside edges or flats the last common error I see is forgetting to open
up your hips your chest before making harder to do the mohawk if you’re stepping
and your toes are forward that is incorrect on those examples I never opened up my
body or my foot and you can even see when I step I’m not stepping on an
inside edge and stepping with my foot forwards and turning on the ice hope
you guys like this mohawk tutorial stay tuned turned for forward outside Mohawks and
see you guys next time


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