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How to Do a Rock ‘n Roll | Bam Skateboarding

How to Do a Rock ‘n Roll | Bam Skateboarding

Bam: A fakey rock is when you simply just
ride up the ramp. Put your board like this and all you have
to do is lift up over the coping and then you go down. Then, you can do a rock ‘n roll, which is
the same thing except you’re turning 180 out of it. Kerry: A pointer for the fakey rock is, to
learn it, get your front truck over the coping, kind of get the feel of this. Just get the feel of riding back in, because
a lot of people get scared of riding back down the tranny, so sit your truck back over
it to learn it. Then, as you learn and get better at you can
put your board up more through the trick. So, that’s a fakey rock.


Oh I thought the title was how to do a rock and roll must not have understood that it said fakie rock

There literally just doing like back disasters and blunts but not rock and rolls 😂😂😂😂😂😂 wtf 😂

Classic skaters… so high, they forgot to teach how to rock n' roll. But instead showed you a bunch of other cool tricks.

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