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How to do a SIT SPIN in Figure Skating

How to do a SIT SPIN in Figure Skating

hey guys welcome back to my channel
my name is Mary and today we’re gonna master the sit spin hope you guys are
ready for this one for the sit spin we’re literally sitting in you guessed it a
sit position think about your bottom being parallel to the ice so we can warm up
with a simple dip my back is nice and straight my eyes are looking
forward at all times my arms are stretched out just above my
legs parallel to the ice for beginner shoot the Ducks we can start off with a
dip position and then extend our leg but we want to get to the point where we can
just go right into the shoot the duck because that is essentially our sit spin
let’s warm up with the entrance exercise we’re gonna enter our spin our left arm
is going to be above our left leg my right arm is above really bend on the
left leg and practice just lunging into that position be careful not system like this if the
arms are too low you will lean forward and have your arms are too high you will
lose your balance so let’s try that again and add the shoot that that’s in
it now it’s time to put it all together
we’re going to do it our sit spin with the crossovers a common question I get is how to get
your spin faster so first off really push into the spin that will take some
time and practice secondly we’re gonna press our weight into the ball of our
foot really squeeze the core and press press press to keep the spin going my
arms are nice and tight together in my shoot the duck position
my legs are right next to each other make sure they pull in nice and tight if
I’m spinning like this I’m not going to be too fast
a common system mistake is not to sit low enough our goal is to get our bottom
parallel to the ice but don’t worry that will come in time one of the best things
you can do is practice this position off ice we want to get their legs nice
and strong we also want to enter the spin this arm is going to
just be on a straight line think about gliding over water we do not want
to enter this spin and dip because we will be throwing our shoulder and losing
our balance another common mistake is sitting way to what we don’t want to be too high
that our butt’s up in the air and we don’t wanna be low that we lose
control of the school one last common mistake is improper timing remember our
arm and leg comes in at the same time so notice when my timing is off
my spin is off as well hope you all loved my sit spin tutorial I hope you
guys had as much fun watching it as I did making it thanks so much for
watching be sure to like subscribe and save you guys are best and see you all next time


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