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How to do a Skateboard Kickflip : How to Catch the Skateboard Doing a Kickflip

How to do a Skateboard Kickflip : How to Catch the Skateboard Doing a Kickflip

Hi my name is Evan Blakenship with
and I’m going to be teaching you how to kickflip. So you got a good placement a good flick and
your getting your feet out of the way now it’s all about catching the board in the air.
So when you pop a kickflip if you pop it you know give it a good kickflip and you get your
feet out of the way you have to wait until the board finishes flipping and you see the
grip. Now it’s time to put your back foot down on the bolts and you got to make sure
when you do this that your foot is flat, cause if it’s not the board will keep flipping and
you’ll either land upside down or you’ll stick which is never a good thing. And most of the
time you’ll end up falling down so you got to remember when you land on your board always
have your feet flat, and land on your bolts.


how long does it take to learn this because ive been trying to do it for like 3 days and i havent gotten it yet

ITS ALWAYS HARD LEARNING THEM FOR YOUR FIRST TIME…man its all about practice and experimenting youll soon find something that works then its all bout practice

wut i found out was everytime i kicked my board too far was because i was flicking too high up off the nose ur supost to flick it right at the edge

some one PLEASE PLEASE HELP everytime i kickflip it will turn about 45 degrees like a half varial WHAT DO I DO??????!!!!!!

1. copy and paste
2. send this to 2 other videos.
3. hold your breath for 10 seconds
4. press refresh twice

All you do is time your kicking and sucking your legs up!
Kick as you pull your legs up and you will kick flip good.

fuck he always says land on the bolts. its hard when your just learning. it took me 2 weeks after knowing how to kickflip to land on bolts all the time

if your trying to do a kickflip but only your back foot lands on the board then try duing a heelflip cuz i had that problem with the kickflip but i just tryed the heelfip and i landed it a couple of times and i was so freakin amazed! dont take this personally but this is what i suggest.thanks

hey..when your at that point u are very close..i did the samething only a couple weeks ago…i learned by only doing a half flip nd landing on it..once ur good at that u can just put ur foot lower and flick harder…its been 2 weeks and i have them on lock…keep practicing

my back foot lands perfect on the board but my front foot doesn't come back on the bord it justs lands behind the board. any suggestions to stop this problem so i could land my kickflips?

when i attempt my kickflip I always land before my board. the board spins enough and right its just right before it hits the ground i do. please reply and help.

jump higher. and try your hardest to stay over your board, and you will land bolts. Also dont kick just flick.

Okay, I'm gonna be honest, this really didn't help me at all. I know that its a hard thing to really teach you how to do, but I've seen so many videos that say watch the griptape, but how do you do that? I'm not very good at skating,ha, but when i do my kickflip(I've landed like 2 kickflips) iI just sorta get lucky. i pop, flick, and then I'll just see my feet on or off the board. So my point is, how do you find so much time in there air to even know what's happening to the board?

Hopefully i can get a video up so you guys can see my kickflip and help me with my problem(s). Seriously though, I'm not tryin to bash the video I'm sure it can and has helped a lotta ppl, it's just I don't understand the trick really and i think i need some help.

it's possible, just rare. Usually, if you can tell that your kickflip doesn't feel right, you'll still have time to kick it away. Sometimes. Other times, you're not so lucky

i hate it how they say till u see the grip tape im pretty sure u cant see the grip tape when its spinning that fast u omost have to guess and that caus railstanding it and stuff.!

dude like i see people they kick it early and when it flies up it automaticaally sticks to there feet and they drop.

@BrotherTin No, seriously. My ollies are not straight everytime but when I kickflip (or try to xD) the skateboard is always straight, its weird xD

@BrotherTin Its always a good Idea to learn how to ollie before you kickflip but you dont have to. The first trick I learned to do was kickflip but it wasnt until I learned my ollies that I could master my kickflip. So you decide whatever works for u man

this is shit especially for the people who are not used to all those term you use. furthermore your kickflip sucks.

why does that look like a switch kick?! and why the fuck does this dude look like he just came out of a 90's time warp?!

all you have to do is ollie high and kickflip in midair. kinda like a lateflip but earlier. wat u sed is bullshizzle

he says a nice flick then his look mentally retarded then he says catch it on the bolts and he lands off the bolts and even that probably took him 50 tries

i most of the times land on 1 foot, i can do an ollie, ( for about 3-4 inches high ) but somehow, my right foot just goes way out the board then it takes longer to get it back on the board, i'm even jumping higher, plz somebody tell me how, send me a message cause i wont really watch this video again to see if i got a reply

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