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How to do a Skateboard Kickflip : How to Kickflip Down Stairs on a Skateboard

How to do a Skateboard Kickflip : How to Kickflip Down Stairs on a Skateboard

Hi my name is Evan Blakenship with
and I’m going to be teaching you how to kickflip. Now that you got kickflip down a curb pretty
good it’s time to take it to something a little bigger you know it’s all about the same timing
except for this set probably have to go a little bit early just cause it’s a little
rough right here. But it all depends on the stair set that your trying to hit and for
a stair set you know your going to go a little faster then your doing on a curb, and you
definitely want to ollie it before you trying anything else just to get the feel of the
set, get the timing for it. So now that you have the ollie down it’s time to start trying
the kickflip,
so to do the kickfkip you know you have to do it a little slower cause you have more
air time but just focus on flicking, catching the board and landing on the bolts.


can anyone help me , ive been skating for almost 11 months and i cant even do a kickflip , its so embarassing , i tried the kickflip , but it always starts and ends like this :
1. Flick
2.Back foot lands
3.Front foot stays on the ground
wtf 🙁

@eddy536 i'm a new skater too and i just learned kickflips. i had the same problem as you. what i learned is you wanna keep your body centered instead of more laid back. You wanna bring you front foot up quick. What i recently learned that got me to overcome having your kickflips flip behind you a bit; was that you need to push your back foot forward when popping them. Remember to keep your body centered because weight distribution is one of the main problems alot of people have when learning

@eddy536 and don't forget to keep your body sideways becausse you're probably bringing it back forward a bit. flick it under you first and kind of to the side. after you get those kickflips down then you can improve by flicking it more out and popping higher

@powned816 woah , congrats to ur kickflip bro ! i know what im supposed to do , but i just cant bring it back , i heard ppl sayin tht i kick down instead of flicking , i just dunno how to flick it up and bring it back ! 🙁

@nerdskateful okey if you have i larger feet it ok to skate 8.25 but the real thing is what i said 7.5-8.0 you can check in every skateshop okey 😀

@assmonkey500 Just keep trying. People can tell you what you need to do all your life. But you gotta put it into play. just learn on your own. That's what makes a good skater, effort.

this bitch doesn't explaine anything omfg
fuck you dude
i can't kickflip down stairs…
if someone could send me a video whit explanition about kickflip down stairs

this is how to a kickflip from expert village. Learn to ollie and then kickflip. Thanks for watching

"Hey, I'm from ExpertVillage, and I'm gonna show you how to Kickflip: So basically, to Kickflip a stairset, you have to kickflip, then land on it. Make sure you do it over the set too by the way, hope that helped" Lol, these guys suck.

" hey heres expert village teaching you how to kickflip, so what your gonna need to do is pop, flick, catch and roll away. thanks for watching" WTF?!

I'm going to teaching you how to kickflip.
-Does kickflip flatground-
Now you got kickflips down curbs pretty good..-
What the fuck?

Honestly these "experts" so called cant even compete with these 14yr old skaters such as myself… I OLLIE HIGHER AND DO HIGHER SETS!! i wanna play all of them and a game of skate down a stairs set!

It's the add on to the kickflip trick tip fuck tard. Didn't you read the description? Kickflip down staaairs. STAAAAIRS. This is a video add on from the original trick tip. AFTER YOU MASTER THE KICKFLIP.

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