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How to do a Skateboard Kickflip : How to Suck up on a Skateboard Doing a Kickflip

How to do a Skateboard Kickflip : How to Suck up on a Skateboard Doing a Kickflip

Hi my name is Evan Blakenship with
and I’m going to be teaching you how to kickflip. So now that you have a good foot placement
and your comfortable rolling with and a good flick to spend the board around it’s all about
sucking your legs up and staying centered over your board. Alright so now that you popped
your kickflip give it a good flick once it flips you got to stay centered of the board
or else when you land on it, if your to far forward you’ll shoot out to far back you’ll
end up shooting out. So you just got to stay centered over your board that way you can
land back on it and roll away clean. And also you want to make sure that you suck your legs
up cause if you don’t it’ll end up hitting you on the shin or just won’t flip all the


@AwesomeTeeVee Thanks very much! your tip has helped me a bunch! still don't have the kickflip down, but it doesn't shoot out in front of me anymore!

He has about 5 videos, all saying the same thing but the title is phrased differently and maybe he adds one or two sentences.

The sound his board makes when he lands the last kickflip at 1:02 sounds like my computers warning sound. Dope.

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alright im tired of the hatred on youtube I think people should stop bein all like"why is everyone such a dick just stop" because truly if there were no "dicks" that truly would kindof suck because I think it can be hilarious. on the other hand i do agree that people should calm down about being a dick

When ever i try i have a bautiful flick and a good catch but only with my back foot i dont know if im not committiing to it or if im doing something wrong , help please

@masterlinkx10, usually your not committing,. I had the same problem with that and like video says just try to center yourself with the skateboard. Another would "chicken foot" which one leg only lands on the board which is natural but you gotta get over the fear in skateboarding because we're all going to fall, so hope this helps..

Grab onto something and learn kickflips that way. Once you're more comfortable doing kickflips with that, do the real thing.

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