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How to Do an Ollie: Skateboarding Tricks : How to Ollie Higher

How to Do an Ollie: Skateboarding Tricks : How to Ollie Higher

This is Kyle Hovercamp from Skatechurch in
Portland, Oregon. On behalf of Expert Village, this is the tutorial of how to learn how to
ollie on your skateboard. In this clip, I’m going to show you how to ollie high. The reason
that you’d want to ollie high is for higher objects that you’re trying to get onto or
do certain tricks onto. It also looks cooler if you can ollie high. The main things are
you just have to pop really hard, jump as high as you can. When you level your feet
out, just do it smooth enough to where your board is staying with you and not like a ghost
ollie where your feet are up here and your board’s down here. Another thing is that no
matter how high ollie or you try to ollie, your board isn’t going to go higher than you
can actually jump. If you can only jump this high, your board’s probably only going to
go that high. You can’t ollie higher than you can actually jump. Just pop as hard as
you can, jump as high as you can, and try to keep it smooth and level your feet out.
It’s a lot easier for you to oliie higher where there’s an object actually in front
of you that you have to clear. This right here is barrier and it’s pretty big, so you
might not want to start off with this. You can find anything like a curb. If you’ve never
ollied up a curb just practice up that and it’ll make you want to get up it. You can
find anything. Just anything that you can find that has height. Just practice ollieing
over it and get higher and higher. Raise your level and then eventually you might be able
to ollie over this. Okay, again, to get over something with height pop as hard as you can,
jump as high as you can, and just do it as smooth as you possibly can to keep your board
level with your feet and that how you get over something. Just try to land on the bolts
again so you don’t crack your board.


My ollie is always cricked. when i ollie i always spin in an 60-90 degree angle! whats my resolution

Can someone help me i cant ollie higher i always try and i can only ollie about an inch off the ground

Practice. Make sure you remember to lift your back foot up with the board. Other then that if you know how to do it then it's just practice

learn all your tricks while moving just so that cant happen. your just not use to moving yet. so yeah just try and push slow

For me, how I ollie higher is I try to slide my front foot up harder, faster and sort of suck my legs into my chest. It might sound weird, the sucking your legs up part but try doing an ollie and sliding your front foot up harder. It might work ^_^

i have a plan b board wich has da new p2 technology so like i have spring loaded pop its easy for me to do ollies now

Dude, Ive only been skating 2 months…And im shit. But what you need to do is bend your knees, and as you extend them, pop really fucking hard. Slide your front foot up fucking smoothly. And bring those fucking knees into your fucking chest. All why keeping fucking pressure on your fucking board.

well i can do a low ollie but can't make it higher any tip on how to make it high? πŸ™‚ btw im right footed and I pop with my left foot πŸ™‚ another problem I see is that my left foot (pop foot?) doesn't bend enough/high enough as my right foot does πŸ™‚ any tips please πŸ˜€

like he said, try small things like a grassy curb to get ontop of and youll get use to geting your board over it. just keep trying and trying =)

i stopped for 5 years and just got back into it a month ago, i can still kickflip 180 and healflip and a little ollie dont give up man

go to a skatepark…….have fun at the ramps….and then ask a friend who is skating there to give u some tips or help you..

it is possible to ollie higher than you can jump, because an ollie is just as much tucking your knees as it is jumping.. when you Ollie you don't just keep your legs straight

my deck is razor tailed down to the last two plys, is that bad? Should i get a new board? Is this affecting my pop?

Dude i dont know where you were taught to ollie i dont kno if you were taught by a hobo when you were 13 or what but dude before you get a you tube channel teaching people tricks learn how to do them first

my problem is that i can't raise my back foot in the air after i pop so when i slide my ollie is like an inch high what can i do?

someone should do a video about arm placement in ollies. I find if my arms don't in some fashion go from low to high the ollie won't work, especially on flat. you do give up a little balance though

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