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How to do an outside MOHAWK TURN in Figure Skating – Part 2

How to do an outside MOHAWK TURN in Figure Skating – Part 2

hey guys I’m Mary welcome back to my
channel hope you are ready for part 2 of my mohawk tutorial today we have forward outside mohawks hope you guys are ready for this one first off for our forward outside mohawks let’s practice holding a nice strong outside edge we’re
going to try to hold it as long as possible
remember our nice circle arms we’re really going to push our weight onto
a slight lean inside the circle really focus on a strong forward outside edge we’re gonna start off on a strong forward outside edge we’re gonna get into that t position just like for our inside
bring our foot to the outside of the instep we’re going to look where we turn
and then immediately bring opposite toe to the opposite foot as we do that make sure
this arm stays back don’t let it flip forward like this
because then you will lose your balance let’s put it all together for forward
outside mohawks for my first edge I am more towards the
middle to back of my blade when I step I think about stepping on the ball of my foot
and then regaining my balance on my edge outside mohawks are tricky sometimes I like to add some speed by doing crossovers beforehand and don’t forget to have nice soft knees hope you guys like this video be sure to LIKE
subscribe and save and see you all next time happy skating


Thank you so much for this video! These videos help me so much-
I was wondering if you could do a really detailed video about how to get into a one foot spin?- Iā€™m struggling a lot with my entrance.

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How commonly used is this type of mohawk? And in what situations? My coach didn't teach me this kind of mohawk when we did Mohawks…

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