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How to Do Fast Slide on In-Line Skates | Rollerblading

How to Do Fast Slide on In-Line Skates | Rollerblading

Hi, I’m Tim Phang. I’m 23 years old. I’ve been skating for about 12 years. I’m from Arlington, Virginia, which is right
outside of Washington, D.C. I’m now sponsored by Universal Skate Design,
and I’m going to be talking to you about rollerblading. Fast slides are one of the most difficult
grinds in rollerblading, basically because there’s not much space on your skate that
you actually have to balance against. So, when you do a fast slide, the obstacle
that you’re grinding sits directly between your middle two wheels, and then you essentially
stand straight up on one foot without any lean one way or the other. The faster you go when doing them, generally
the easier they get, but they’re a really hard trick to balance and hold. So there’s a couple of variations of the fast
slide, there’s a front side fast slide and a back slide fast slide, the difference being
which side you approach the obstacle from. When you’re learning how to fast slide, you
want to start on small objects, and you want to start going really slow. You can also practice stepping up to the object
rather than jumping onto it until you figure out where that balance point is. And as soon as you find the balance point,
slowly start grinding earlier or longer objects until you’re able to hold it for longer periods
of time.


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Get Xsjado frames and h-block space won't be a problem. I've had my frames for years and they're still good!

@RoyaleInliner beginners that use freestyle frames usually make you develop a lazy and sloppy style, go for the H block frames you'll feel the benefits in the long run.

@MitchellCawte0 My first few pairs of skates had h block frames and were great. I'm a fan of the Xsjados now and I don't have to spend extra money on wheels/anti-rockers.

i learned how to ollie on a board in less than half a day… for inline skating that is some scary stuff at first. learning how to transfer from a ramp at 90 degree angle is hard. you cant stop when things are going wrong. skateboarding is hard because all the tricks and be learned. blading is hard because it requires more of an athlete

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Listen Man, I'm Pissing myself. Rollerblading PROPERLY (Yes, I admit, the basics are quite simple) is hard to do it took me 3 years to learn how to rollerblade properly.(I Started in 2008)

i started rollerblading after 2 ddays i learned to drop in.. yes i pushed my elf 1 day after that i dropped in and fell breaking my arm in 2 places now i have bolts and plates and a perm weak arm… rollerblading is hard…. but im not giving up:)

can anyone tell me whats the difference between roller skates and roller blades? which goes faster, or which is best? please reply, thanks! 😀

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