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How to Do Skateboard Tricks : How to Do a Half-Cab on a Skateboard

How to Do Skateboard Tricks : How to Do a Half-Cab on a Skateboard

JUSTIN VAN ZANDT: My name is Justin from the
YMCA on behalf of Expert Village. In this clip, I’m going to show you how to do a half
cab which is a fakie 180, and so you’re going to start by rolling backwards, roll fakie
because that’s what your half cab is. It’s a fakie 180. So, you start rolling backwards
and you want to put your feet in an ollie position so your back foot is going to be
in the middle of the tail and your front foot is going to be just below the bolts, and when
you start to pop, you’re going to turn your shoulders again. You’re going to turn your
shoulders in a 180 and pop at the same time and it’s going to send your board in the 180.
And you’re going to turn the rest of the way and spot your landing and come down and make
sure you’re centered on your board so you don’t slip backward or fall forward and just
land on your bolts and roll. And you’re going to throw your shoulders and pop, so that you
turn 180. So, you’re rolling backwards and you pop and turn your shoulders and that will
send your board in that backside 180.


@MisteriousMisdreavus Its Fakie. You know… If your Regular footed, your left foot is your front foot. If you do a Nollie, your going to pop with your left foot. But if you do Fakie, you turn around, making you pop with the same foot that you would use in normal Ollie. Making Fakie a lot easier than Nollie.

best way to learn is just to roll up to a wall and push off, that way your rolling backwards, then hit the half cab and continue rolling forward…

@xXTheIdesOfMarchXx y is every1 sayin thiz shit on his vids ya he has a borin vioce but thats a cheezy way to get thumbs up

-_-ZzZzZzZzZzZzZ Mono toned voice…u have no business making videos with that type of voice!

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i kept doing this fucking trick when doing fakie shoves and fakie 360 soves and didnt even know! learn something new about skating everyday

no actually in this video he so tells you it wrong to fakie half cab you have to put your feet in ollie position fakie ollie turn 90 degrees land in a manual and pivot the rest the way out

a half-cab is a fakie 180. there's no such thing as a fakie half cab. a caballerial is a fakie 360 so a half-cab is a 180

backside fakie 180=half cab  so what's  the difference? And why isn't a full  cab just called a 180 revert to 360? That's what it is right?
1:04 makes it look so easy. motivation for beginners 🙂

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