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How to Do Skateboard Tricks : How to Do a Nollie on a Skateboard

How to Do Skateboard Tricks : How to Do a Nollie on a Skateboard

JUSTIN VAN ZANDT: My name is Justin from the
YMCA on behalf of Expert Village. In this clip, I’m going to show you how to do a nollie
which is basically an ollie except you’re doing it on your nose instead. And the first
step is going to be setting up for the nollie. And it’s when you want to put your back foot
about halfway on the board or so, right below your back bolts, and your front foot is going
to be on the nose. You’re going to get ready to pop like you would an ollie except it sits
with your other foot on the nose. And you’re going to begin to pop with your front foot
and you’re going to slide your back foot sideways inside and up to the board so that it catches
the grip tape and brings your board up. And your board’s going to level up and it should
be over it and send it nice and balanced and come back down and land on your bolts, the


@SkateTutorials93 yes it is but black ops is even better kinda when you beat it its kinda boring except for live but most people suck

@charles10515 No, a nollier is basically the same except your front foot pops on the nose and your back foot slides the board, its basically a switch ollie while rolling fakie

im goofy and i can also ollie so when i go to slide me left foot up i slide me right………………..if that makes sence

@E7nokia ollies are EASSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i could do 1 when i was like 5, yea but nollies are hardddddddd alalalla

i can ollie i can nollie i can switch ollie i can fakie ollie i can ollie 180,ollie south,ollie north,but i cant kickflip even worst

It just an exception sometimes that were playing skate with my friends and im left handed and when i do an ollie (im regular ok) i always tell them nolllie
(Thumbs up if your a left-handed Regular)

hmm i can do ollie and get some air but i cant with a nollie .. well i guess i will just have to practise alot 😛

Thumbs up you have been hearing "my name is Justin from the YMCA on the be half of expertvillage " over and over

Its not an ollie backwards, that would just be switching your footing from regular to goofy footed. A better description is a "nose ollie" cuz thats what your doing.

you baffoooooon now my nose is throbbing because of you thanks a lot (not) could have said on the nose of the skateboard you idiot with no emotion (aka goth skater)

Oi,tudo bem? É a mesma coisa do que vs bater o Ollie normal ,a única diferença é que o sk8 vai estar andando.
Vs anda na mesma base que ele ?

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