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How to Draw Adele on an Exploding Hoverboard | Bob Draws

How to Draw Adele on an Exploding Hoverboard | Bob Draws

Hi guys, I’m Bob and I’m an illustrator here
at Mashable, and today I’m going to be showing you how to draw Adele riding a flaming hoverboard. So let’s start with her head and basic body
structure. That’s the first thing to draw when you’re drawing a human person. It’s getting the basic shapes in there and
then we’ll come back and refine line work later On the head you can see basically an oval. A little jawline there. About midway down the oval there’s a line
for her eyes. Midway down from that there’s a line for her
nose where that will basically be, you know like in this area. And then her mouth. We can kind of, we can lighten this stuff
up as we prepare to get into the head and start adding facial features that really will
say Adele. And it’s important that you don’t over-think
or over-work this. Brevity of line and, um, economy of line are
important. Let’s add some hair. Ta da! Now we’re going to get into her body. Um, her head went a little larger than I even
expected it to. Adele does a lot of gesturing with her arms
when she sings. A lot of gesticulating and, like this kind
of thing, you know what I mean? We’ll give her some of that. I already kind of sorted out the basic outline
of her legs down here, and you know we’re not getting too complex with shading or form
really. Just add some details, clean it up. And then we’ve got our hoverboard. Hoverboards
are cool, right kids? Yeah. Hoverboards have headlights for some reason. In case you’re on a lone highway at night
somewhere upstate New York on your hoverboard. Just adding some detail for her fingers, so
she doesn’t have this weird, like non-hand. Let’s go back and add in some detail
work now. You know, just have some fun here. There’s one final touch that’s more important
than anything. Adele – fine, she’s great. She’s a singer. But I think the real star of this show is
the hoverboard. And if you know anything about hoverboards,
and I think I do, then you know that these things are going to, as I mentioned, have
bright blue LED headlights that are super cool and fresh . Look at that – beep beep beep beep. But, uh, you’ll also know that they’re going
to burst into flames after an extended period of time of usage, so let’s add some flames
in here. Oh yeah, she’s at like DEFCON two right now. Why are you still on it Adele? Jump off. Oh my God, you know what would be even cooler
is like, let’s add some like Back to the Future-style flame tracks. Yeah it’s like the Hindenburg of hoverboards
– the Hindenboard. But that’s what you get for thinking you’re
better than us with your hoverboard, Adele. Sorry. Alright guys, thanks for watching. That’s it. Make sure to tweet or Instagram your own pictures
of Adele on a hoverboard using the hashtag #AdeleonaHoverboard to show us what you did
at home.


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