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How to fakie backside pop shove it | Fakie Skateboard Trick

How to fakie backside pop shove it | Fakie Skateboard Trick

Hi guys good morning, Barns here and it’s quite early the sun is just coming up but that’s not gonna stop us to learn a new trick and today we’re gonna go through the fakie pop shove it. So this time we’re gonna pop the board let the board turn 180 degree and you put back your legs and catch the board. The foot position for the fakie pop shove it because your board is rolling backwards
so the tail is gonna be this one in the front, so your front foot is on the tail
and your back foot will be on the bolts. So the whole movement is going to rely
on your front foot when you have to scoop the board in front of you at the
same time give a pop… let it turn 180 degree and then, with your back foot you
just put it back and catch the board. The back foot don’t lift it up too high always like look down on your board and see where is… if it’s turned around just spot it, put it back. So that’s going to be the… the key for it to catch it and not let it
over rotate your board. So thank you guys for whatching the video… stay tuned because every week, every thursday we gonna have a new video. Shortly I try to move on and start to film the ledge tricks so we can learn frontside 50-50, backside
50-50 and so on and so forth. we’ll see hopefully the weather is gonna help us because it’s getting colder. Guys make sure when you watched the tutorial you go, grab your board, go out and practice the trick. Hit subscribe and go skate and have fun.

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