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How to frontside 180 over the hip | Skateboard

How to frontside 180 over the hip | Skateboard

Hi guys Barns here and today we are going to learn
how to do the frontside 180 over the hip. So you might want to learn the frontside 180 on the flat before you try it on the hip but it’s up to you if you feel confident enough just learn it on the hip. There is two sides of the hip obviously, and it depends if the bottom of the hip is in front of you then you have to rotate less, like 90 degree compare to the other way when the
bottom of the hip is behind you, so you actually need to do the full frontside 180. However, if you are able to do a frontside 180 on the
flat it shouldn’t be a problem for you. The foot position just like a frontside 180. Back foot on the tail and the front foot over the bolts. Make sure you have enough speed so you
can easily roll over the hip and that would be just enough speed
to do the frontside 180. You kind of want to pop your board when your front wheel reaches the crease
in the middle of the hip and at the same time start to open up
and turn your shoulders. If you start to turn your shoulders and head
then your hips and legs will follow. With your front foot, you need to guide your board up and kind of behind you and try to keep it levelled as much as possible. With your back foot try to you to
push your tail over the hip in front of you just like you would do
with your frontside 180 on the flat. Try to keep your balance always in
the centre of your board because if you lean back too much you will slip out or if you lean to forward then you get a wheel bite. Try to land on all four wheels if possible or
just revert it and then roll away. and that’s about it Let me know in the comments below which way you prefer your frontside 180 over the hip
the easier way or the hard way. Thank you guys for watching stay tuned
for the next trick on Thursday, you can subscribe if you liked the video
and follow me on different socials but as always the most important is to go. Skate and have fun.


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