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How to Glass A Surfboard : Surfboard Glassing Safety

How to Glass A Surfboard : Surfboard Glassing Safety

The reason you use the mask and the gloves
to be safe for us because it’s chemicals material, and you’re going to protect your skin, to
glass the surfboard. You don’t want to burn your skin. The reason I use the mask too is
because the fumes is bad for your self, it’s not healthy to breath all the stuff. That’s the reason
I use the squeegee and the brush. Brush the rails to get everything really wet to use
less materials as possible, for the Neighbors concerned about you. And I’ll feel better
too. Each Customer likes different colors. So we have some Blue, green, orange, black
red, orange. Any color you want. You gotta follow the paperwork. You read the paperwork
and the customer wants a green board, that’s it. You want a blue board, that’s it. Green
blue whatever. So base is a customer board each and you’ll have to follow the paperwork
for each on board. I make the Epoxy or Polyester resin either way. If the Customer wants an
Epoxy surfboard, you make an Epoxy surfboard. If the Customer wants a Polyester surfboard
you make that too.

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