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How To Hurricane on a Skateboard : Skateboard Hurricane 180 Out Mistakes

How To Hurricane on a Skateboard : Skateboard Hurricane 180 Out Mistakes

Some of the common mistakes you may experience
while learning how to do a hurricane, 180 out, will basically have to do with being
able to generate enough speed to get up to the top of the ramp, and enough momentum to
get you all the way around and lock in this position. So what you’re going to want to
do is, make sure that you get as much speed as you can. One tip I can give you, is, while
hitting the opposite wall if you’re skating a mini-ramp, make sure that you get high on
the rock, to fakie, and able to roll down the ramp with a lot of speed. With your foot
on the tail, and able to generate the speed to get around. If you’re skating a quarter
pipe, a good way to generate that speed would be to get a couple extra pushes in, before
you get up to it. So that you’re fast enough to get around and get into it. Another common
mistake with this trick, is once you get all the way around and into this position, some
times you’ll find that your board will, the one wheel that’s required to be on top, will
fall off and it’ll turn it into a rock and roll. So what you want to do, is keep your
body weight inside the transition, or the ramp, and keep it off the platform, or the
top of the ramp. What this will do, will make it so that you’re front leg will be extended
straight, and your weight is above the tail and this side of the board. That will keep
the control on the pivoting part of your truck, and able to get your front wheels back out
and around, without having them, without having the board fall off and come down. So it keeps
it straight, and turns back in. And these are just some of the common mistakes with
a hurricane 180 out.


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