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How to Ice Skate : How to do a Two-Foot Spin on Ice Skates

How to Ice Skate : How to do a Two-Foot Spin on Ice Skates

Hi I’m Simone Fisher and I’m here at Clearwater
Ice Arena, in sunny Clearwater Florida. On behalf of Expert Village, hi my name is Bill
Shanks and I’m going to demonstrate a Two-Foot Spin. When you?re doing a two-foot spin it’s
very important to keep everything up and together as though as there’s a string pulling on top
of your head. The mistake a lot of people make is to drop a shoulder and look down throwing
your center of gravity off, and causing your spin all over the place. So your going to
start with pivot position bring everything with your arm and leg coming in together,
and going around, the quicker you bring it in and the tighter, the faster you can go,
now here it is.


everyone's doing it on their first try, but i've been doing it for a while now and i can't get past two revolutions 🙁

Thumbs up if ur here because u watched Yuri!!! on Ice and suddenly have the urge to be a professional figure skater even tho u don't know how to skate to begin with XD

Thanks!!! My coach really doesn't explain anything so I have to come on YouTube to learn everything aha! I can't wait until I can more away from group lessons

It looks so hard but so easy at the same time
I mean I can do the beginning but that's a lot of spins at once

Hello! I am to the point where I am learning to do a two foot spin. I am having trouble maintaining my balance while spinning. My pivot is very good though. Any tips? Thank you

I wanna do this spin! Do I lift the heel of the skate that’s on the ground?? Because it looks like he’s doing that. Also does it take a lot of tries to stop falling?? XD im terrified of falling down for some reason

"Sunny clear water Florida. On behalf of expert villa———-"
screen goes black hm..wonder what happened..😝
guy comes on

So many people saying they got this after only two lessons. But remember a lot of people can't afford lessons and have to try and teach themselves! Don't be discouraged! Those who work harder will achieve more!

The ironic part is that I slipped while doing crossovers and somehow ended up doing a two foot spin with 5 revolutions, and when I tried doing it on purpose later, I could barely do even one

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